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Minelab CTX 3030 Standard Metal Detector with Wireless Headphones

Minelab CTX 3030 Standard Metal Detector with Wireless Headphones

Product Review (submitted on August 12, 2018):
The Machine:
This is an awesome machine that has earned and maintained an admiring and dedicated following. And for good reason. It's truly an incredible detector with an array of options, proven performance, reliability and capabilities that make it fully deserving of the accolades.

The Weight:
Compared to a lot of machines the CTX 3030 is heavy but very well balanced. As a result it's comfortable and doesn't feel that much heavier. However, it can get uncomfortable and tiring after hours of swinging. Minelab's harness is the cure. It works and works very well.

The Headphones:
I found them uncomfortable, poorly fit, did not stay put, etc. But they were "free" with the unit, so I guess I got my moneys worth. Considering that this is not the first detector most hobbies buy, many owners will already have a favorite set and may prefer those anyway.

About the Learning Curve:
I've read the reviews and fully understand why so many people say this machine is for more advanced users and not the inexperienced. And I agree to a point. There's a lot to learn and understand so it takes more time. Unfortunately, Minelab's manual does not make learning the machine any easier. To flatten the learning curve, get and study the Andy Sabisch CTX 3030 book with the detector at your side. Take your time and understand each section before going to the next. You'll learn the functions and such quickly.

About the Manual:
While Minelab knows how to build a great detector, they're not exactly leading the pack when it comes to manuals and instructions. Fortunately, smarter entrepreneurs found opportunity in Minelab's shortcomings and provided some well organized and well written manuals that do a great job of mopping up the Minelab failure. However, buying a device with a MSRP of $3250 shouldn't also require buying a book written by people outside of Minelab just to get a workable manual.
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