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Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector

Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on October 30, 2016):
Have had my Delta 4000 for around four years, and love it. By now I can usually tell how deep a target is by the combination of tone and the usually-accurate depth indicator. This saves a lot of time, as often I don't dig at all if the detector is showing very near surface, I just bend and feel around with my fingers. Other times the indication means really deep, so I save time by digging a big plug out, instead of just a bit at a time. The pin-pointer feature is also fantastic and saves digging time and frustration. It can also be used to figure out weird signals--sometimes the pin-pointer will show that there are actually two very close targets, so instead of maybe skipping a flip-flopping signal that indicates junk, it might be junk beside something good. The pinpointer can also be used post-digging to see which side of the hole the target is on. Sort of a 3D usage, by holding the coin at an angle. Max coin I've found is about 10 inches, though that's rare. And a coin at that depth will give an "iffy" signal in my experience until I dig further/broaden the soil to get it closer.

It's lightweight, well balanced, and ergo-dynamic, with the control pad easily reached with thumb. Also only uses one battery, while a lot of other detectors use two. From my earlier Bounty Hunter IV detector which used two--they both last the same time between changes, 20-26 hours (with headphones). So that's half the cost of batteries over the detectors' lifetime, might add up!

Finally, there's the "cherry-picking" mode, which I guess all mid-high detectors have, but the Bounty Hunter IV for instance didn't. When tired at the end of a session, I notch out all responses below "zinc"--so pretty much the only signals I hear are silver or a coin (or some weirdo thingamabob). This mode is also great for tough to dig spots like very dense turf, when you don't want to spend ten minutes cutting through sod (or spending time evaluating an iffy signal) just to find a pulltab. The Bounty Hunter was a terrific entry-level, and this I guess a terrific entry level B or low/mid range detector. But I love it so much that even if I win the lottery I might not "upgrade" until it breaks down. And no sign of that--it's very sturdy and reliant.

It does take a learning curve; at least for me took months to really feel what it was telling me. I'd suggest not using discrimination modes or other selective stuff at first--just put it full out and dig every signal, so you can first use the indicators and tones alone to eventually make a good guess at what might be there, and also which targets/iffy sounds probably aren't worth it. Then you can get fancy with the options.

Two cons: This hasn't happened recently, but sometimes before it would make a constant beep-beep noise even if sensitivity were turned down. While swinging if it got a good hit it would go back to normal but all times in-between the constant beep-beep. I :think: this mostly happened near hefty power-lines or maybe underground cables, not sure. But still, it's a relatively minor and rare problem and not enough to knock it down from my score of five stars. The other con is I guess normal for non-beach-specific detectors, in that sensitivity has to be turned down on wet sand or it'll give false signals.

Overall--terrific detector--affordable (especially with just one battery), well-made, good functions to select per session or area, light, and after awhile you can even predict sometimes with good accuracy what a particular tone/solidity-of-tone/indicator will bring.
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