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Nokta Makro AU Gold Finder Metal Detector

Nokta Makro AU Gold Finder Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on July 19, 2016):
Over the years I have used every VLF detector built for gold, and that is not an understatement, it is what I do.

Nokta did it right, they listened to the Detectorist and built into one detector what we have been looking for. High Frequency response with the ability for hitting small (sub gram) gold nuggets, auto and manual ground balance, precise sensitivity adjustment capabilities, reliable and clear threshold and the sheer ability to handle iron ground minerals were the requirement. The fact that the Gold Finder is lightweight, hip-mountable, has long battery life and a decent price tag, well that’s just more gold in the poke.

The Gold Finder is not just another HiFreq VLF coming into a fairly crowded market space. It was designed by engineers listening to the Detectorist and they never stopped asking questions until they were assured that they had built the best machine they could, and I like it.
The Gold Finder is easy to use and was intuitive for me right out of the box. A new user will find it has a short learning curve and is well worth the time. Experienced Detectorists will immediately recognize the detector's ability to handle some of the worst iron soils without having to de-tune the detector to the point of loss of targets while still having a great rhythmic threshold. If it shutters, you better dig it.

Bottom line, I use it, I find gold with it and I am not planning on giving it up as a VLF detector in the tool bag anytime soon.

Kevin Hoagland