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Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on March 17, 2008):
The Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II was my first metal detector. My wife told me to pick one out online and she would buy it for my birthday. So I talked to several people about where to buy, and what brand to buy. Most people said to go to I did and I was so confused with so many brands. I read every thing I could about each brand and model. I then decided that a Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II would be what I needed since I had little or no experience. I ordered it and received it within a weeks time. I took it out the first weekend I had it. My brother had an older one so we went together. We went to a boat ramp at a local lake.

Within a few minutes it started to beep and on the screen it said it was a nickel. I took the knife that came with the unit and dug up a 1972 quarter. I was so excited I must have looked like I found a million dollars. About ten minutes later I found a 2001 dime. That day I found $1.46 in change, a small gold charm that was shaped like a fish that said Jesus on it, and several pull tabs. Every time I found a pull tab it said "pull tab" on the screen. Since then I have found several coins, four gold rings, one silver plated bracelet, and lots of other iron stuff, some of it is old iron tools. My brother was so impressed with the Bounty Hunter that he bought one just like it, also from We both go together and compete to see who finds the most "treasure". I have the ear phones and a carrying case that came with it also.
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