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White's GMT Metal Detector

White's GMT Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on March 16, 2016):
I have been metal detecting for about five years now, and I've used many different types, from Bounty Hunter to Minelab. I now own a White's GMT DD and if you hunt for gold you can't go wrong with this detector. It's pretty much a turn on and go detector. The most useful feature in my opinion is the auto ground balance. I just turn it on, pump the coil a few times, and wallah you're all set to start detecting! For those of you who like to manually adjust your ground balance; this is the easiest machine I have ever had the privilege to operate. The second nice thing I like is the iron discrimination. I have found that when the White's GMT DD tells you there is a 70% or more chance that your target is iron, it really is! I usually wouldn't dig a target with that high of a percentage, but with anything less you better believe I'll start digging.

The White's GMT DD is very user friendly and also light weight. It only takes four AA's batteries while still lasting many hours. It hasn't failed me yet, but I always take extra batteries just in case it finally runs out of juice. I live in the desert and my main hobby is detecting for gold. The penetrating power of this detector is amazing! It has detected some tiny nuggets that I didn't think were possible to get a signal from, but they are in my gold vile and seeing is believing. I have also picked up some nice size loud and clear nuggets, a mercury dime, and even an old Army can dump (along with some of their can openers and such.) So, if you are in the market for a gold detector and then some, White's has priced this detector within reach for a lot of us folks that can't afford a $4000 detector. You won't be disappointed.
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