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Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on July 9, 2012):
I had wanted to try metal detecting for years. A friend had a few detectors when we lived in England, and I kick myself, every time I think about it, for not going out with him. Imagine all of the Roman and Celtic coins I could have dug! Plus, being in the Navy, I've lived on or near a beach for the past 20 years.

So I finally asked for one for Christmas. "What kind?", my wife asked. I realized I had no idea. So, I did my research on the internet, ordered some catalogs, and eventually called the technical specialists at Kellyco. The people that answer the phones REALLY know their stuff. They walked me through the "what will you use it for", the "where will you primarily detect", and the all important, "how much do you want to spend" questions. After getting an idea of what I needed, they recommended the Garrett Ace 250. Well, they're the experts, so if they say it's what I need, I'm good with it.

When it arrived, I was dumbstruck. I thought there was no way I would be able to work it. However, after watching the included training DVD, things started to make sense. I set about half a dozen metal objects on the floor, and started "detecting". Each different item brought on a different reaction from the detector. And by playing with the controls, I learned how to discriminate. Each time I used it, I learned something new, just from the reactions of the detector to what it was finding.

One of my most memorable digs was on a beach in Virginia Beach, VA. I was actually about to call it a day, with only clad and junk in my pockets, when on the way back to the car, I got a strong hit. I centered the coil, with the Ace 250's "electronic pinpoint" feature and got ready to dig. When I looked at the sand at my feet, I noticed what looked like a gold chain sitting almost on top. When I picked it up, it slowly rose from the drift, but hung up when about 8 inches of chain was visible. What was keeping it from emerging? A HUGE GOLD MEDALLION!!! HOLY -