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Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on March 17, 2008):
Newly retired after 30 plus years in government, I now have more time to pursue one of my favorite past times which is metal detecting! As one of my retirement gifts I received a gift card that promptly materialized as a Garrett Ace 250. I really wanted to see what all the buzz was on this newer ultralight and very inexpensive detector. As an owner of many of the high end machines I feel comfortable rating this model.

Ease of operation is the Garrett Ace 250's claim to fame and this is no exaggeration. Former assorted models require a solid understanding of electronics as well as geology in their daily operation. Untrue with the 250! It is a snap to target it's abilities, set discrimination and reject unwanted targets and establish object depth and item type. This unit devours coins and jewelry and it is hard to leave it home while exploring with some of my higher priced units. It works great in dry sand but prefers minimizing sensitivity when in salt water and a careful avoidance of sand bottoms while underwater. Work just above the bottom and you can work tidal boundaries both wet and dry! Also buy the water repellent console cover to minimize water mishaps. This will not make you safe from the ravages of water but will help with an occasional light water splash. The smaller sniper coil is a nice add on and improves the Ace's ability to pinpoint objects which will take more time with the larger stock 6.5" x 9" coil included with the unit. You will lose a little depth but will gain better pinpointing and maneuverability when working trashy areas or getting closer to the base of objects such as trees or fence posts. You can swing this unit all day as it adjusts to all heights and as mentioned is quite light. The unit breaks down to 24 inches for travel and when assembled adjusts from 41" to 51". The LCD in the console ID is easy to read in sunlight and easier to interpret and understand.
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