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Bounty Hunter Lone Star Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Lone Star Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on March 17, 2008):
The reason for the Bounty Hunter Lone Star? A spur of the moment splurge in a sporting store. I was in the market for one and was thinking seriously about getting a metal detector for the fun of it. I saw this one as a left over Christmas promotion.

THE FEATURES: For a novice like me I was thrilled when I got it home and assembled in less than 15 minutes and with a very quick glance at the book and controls I thought I was ready. I went to the yard and knew there were pennies everywhere from the previous owners. I turned the unit on and set it for all metals. Soon I found some scrap aluminum. Then a penny, then more pennies, I set it to discriminate all the metal but coins.

In less than 30 minutes hunting I had collected close to 25 coins, Wowwwwww! Then to the park and in no time picked up some scrap, a few pop tops, some coins, then a ring no less. On my second try at using this amazing machine, with no formal instruction. The wife was watching and laughing at me digging like an animal in the dirt on the playground. After picking a few more coins I gave it to her. She never has had a metal detector in her hands till that moment, she put on the headphones and walked about 15 paces and picked up an old toy ring. She is hooked. I had to go and get another metal detector now so both of us could be out in the fresh air and enjoy a new hobby together.

We went together to an old fair ground from what I could remember when a kid. She took the Bounty Hunter and I took the Ace, in just a few steps she had a 25 cent piece, me nothing, another few feet and she had a couple of pop tops. Then it was my turn a penny spotted with the Ace. All in all it was a good day in the park for both of us, me with some time on the Bounty Hunter and using the Ace and her with no experience using the Bounty Hunter for the second time.

EASE OF USE: it was just described. For the beginner, turn it on and start detecting with no settings, only a LCD showing what the item is and where. Very easy to Pinpoint using the X method. Very precise.