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Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on March 17, 2008):
My better half expressed an interest in my hobby of metal detecting last year and I decided to buy her a Garrett Ace 250 since the reviews were excellent everywhere I looked. As soon as it arrived and before even looking at the video or reading he manual I had it in the front yard checking it out. I was amazed that a machine in its price range was so sophisticated! Not only did I find coins that I had overlooked with my older machine I found that the target I.D. was correct and pinpointing was exact. One coin I found was a wheat penny at about 6 inches and the I.D. and depth was perfect.

Then I headed out to one of my favorite playgrounds to see what it would do in the real world and it exceeded my wildest expectations. I came away with over $4 in clad and three rings, one of them silver in less than two hours of hunting. I was so excited that I stopped at the local metal detector dealer who sells another brand and showed him what the little green machine had found for me. He was so impressed that he left work and tried it out for himself. I don't believe he believed me about the performance of such an inexpensive detector but within an hour he was sold on the Ace 250.

My better half, by this time was thinking that she had received her detector and lost it in the same day! That weekend she finally got out and hunted with it and although she had zero experience metal detecting she was soon finding coins and I knew that another person was hooked on the hobby. We hunted a high school football field and after about an hour I heard a yell. I turned around and she was jumping up and down holding something in her hand so I went over to see what she had found. It was a silver charm bracelet with nine charms, all marked sterling. She had just blown me away for I had only found about three dollars in clad and a fake ring. Checking out her other finds she had me beat on coins also. I was ready to repossess the Ace by then! We can both can give this machine the highest recommendation.
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