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Fisher Gold Bug 2 Metal Detector with 6.5" Search Coil

Fisher Gold Bug 2 Metal Detector with 6.5" Search Coil

Product Review (submitted on March 20, 2008):
I've only been hunting a few times but what I really love to hunt for are nuggets! The Fisher Gold Bug is really good for that. However, when I want to look for coins and relics, the Gold Bug isn't that great, too much trash.

I know I'm a novice hunter, but I would think there has got to be better machines that will do it all. I'm not so great at setting the discrimination, to suit the type of soil I'm searching in. I have found a few small nuggets reasonably close to the surface. I have found several pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters but thousands of pieces of trash, it gets exasperating some times. I also have a Tesoro. It seems to be a little better, but again with lots of trash. My plans are to do lots of traveling in a few years, my wife and I plan to semi-retire, do contract work in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and maybe a few places she wants to visit too. My new hobby is treasure hunting, I've got a feeling my wife will love it too.

I think I would recommend the Gold Bug to experienced metal detectorists, but probably not to someone as new as myself. You never know before you buy, do you? I'm going to keep my Gold Bug for nugget hunting in AZ, and CA because I'm sure I'll get better using it, and fine tuning the controls. I wouldn't mind trying a White's from what I've read, it might have been the one for me to start off with. I'm a member of the GPAA and every thing I buy will eventually get a good workout.