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Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on March 20, 2008):
I have just recently started metal detecting with the Ace 250. I researched multiple detectors online for a prolonged period of time, and finally purchased the Garrett. I opened my box and began by reading the manual and watching the DVD. In a sense I really can't review this machine against other machines, but I will explain how easy and enjoyable this has made my extra time.

I started off by going to easy sites such as playgrounds and ballparks. I pushed the power button and off you go. The Ace 250 has multiple settings so you can choose what you want to dig and what not to. When starting I chose to dig everything with the assumption I will be able to ID most targets by the noise. I was finding coins left and right, and realized how amazing this machine was. As a new metal detector I feel empowered enough with this machine to venture into pre-1900 sites and start looking for old coins, relics, and jewelry. If you take your time and get comfortable with the Ace 250 you will realize how enjoyable digging in the dirt really is. I am 29 and have wanted to purchase a metal detector for several years now, but I was very intimidated on figuring out a metal detector and end up wasting money. With this machine the only way you can fail at finding anything is by not being near dirt. I would recommend this model the Ace 250 to any entry, novice, and advanced users to get the enjoyment out of it I have.
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