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Bounty Hunter Lone Star Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Lone Star Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on March 17, 2008):
The first time I ever picked up a metal detector was to find a set of keys I lost in deep grass. I borrowed an old Bounty Hunter Big Bud Pro off a neighbor. I turned it on and started sweeping the coil like I had seen a few people do before. Within 5 minutes I heard a beep and the display told me it was a Quarter. I took out my shovel and started digging, it turned out to be a 1945 silver quarter, it looked new and was astonished that I dug up something that old. I started sweeping again and digging for about 3 hours. I dug a total of 18 silver coins that day. I was hooked and I never found my keys. I decided that day that I wanted my own metal detector and only using a Bounty Hunter once in my life I decided to purchase a Bounty Hunter Lone Star.

It had everything I was looking for. Target ID and a Depth Meter. 2 weeks later my new metal detector arrived. At first glance I thought I was in over my head, The dials and readout display looked complicated. I read the manual and everything seemed to fall in place. The manual explained everything I wanted to know and often gave tips and pictures on how to operate. Once I finished reading the manual I was very comfortable with turning it on. I put in 2 9 volt batteries and then turned the switch. The detector came to life. I proceeded to run out the front door with the detector in hand. After a quick and easy startup sequence like the manual instructed, I was swinging away. A few coins later I decided to go to the same area I lost my keys in a few weeks ago. While detecting that area I was amazed at the accuracy of the display. The display was very easy to read and it told me what I was digging. 99% of the time it was correct. I spent a total of 4 hours that day detecting and another 8 silver coins and about $10.00 in change. You could say I was hooked to the hobby. A hobby that pays for itself was my kind of hobby. Over the next 2 years I have seen my silver coin collection grow and a lot of extra money in my pocket.
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