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White's Matrix M6 Metal Detector

White's Matrix M6 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on March 17, 2008):
I purchased my White's M6 metal detector from Kellyco about 10 months ago. I wanted a good detector to start off with as I am new to the hobby. Boy does this detector meet all my expectations.

I like to detect mostly in the sandy beach areas of my state which are numerous. In the ten month period that I have had my M6 I have probably only used it about 10 times due to work restraints but it has lived up to its reputation. I have found various US coins from pennies up to dollars, rings, watches, necklaces, earrings and other items totalling over $300. I have also found numerous foreign coins.

Not bad for a beginner with infrequent use. The detector is very easy to use with a toggle switch for automatic tuning with 3 settings. The discriminator works very well and blocks out those iron items while still allowing recovery of coins and jewelry. It has a graphic id screen that is very accurate and I usually dig up what is depicted on the screen. The last item that was shown on my screen was a nickel; but how was I to know that it would turn out to be a 1937 buffalo nickel! The coil is waterproof so I can also go into the surf for a foot or two and search that area.

It is also very lightweight and I can stay on the beach for hours with no fatigue. While I prefer the beach areas I have also used my detector in backyards and forest areas. I have found numerous coins and other items in these areas as well. It is a very versatile, all around detector. I would highly recommend this detector to beginners and veterans alike. It is very easy to use, yet has many high end features. I can't wait until the new season begins!
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