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Minelab Excalibur II Metal Detector with 10" Search Coil

Minelab Excalibur II Metal Detector with 10" Search Coil

Product Review (submitted on March 17, 2008):
I have had several detectors over the years, going back as far as 1982 and of them all I find that the Excalibur has been my most productive and easiest to use. The fact that it is waterproof, even at 200 feet below the surface, has been a saving grace for me on several occasions. My early detectors were not waterproof and I have damaged a couple older detectors by working the beach and trying to get in the shallow surf. My Minelab has been serving me as a beach combing and coin shooting detector for over five years now and it is a used detector that I purchased on Ebay.

The thing that used to cause me the most problems was getting the ground balance set where the mineralization was high or the ground was wet. This detector is so easy to set up and operate that I have drastically increased my finds both on the beach and in general detecting. I am getting close to retirement and I have always wanted to try prospecting and considering the luck that I have had with this detector I am saving my money for a top of the line gold detector to go along with my Excalibur. I don't think I will ever have to replace this workhorse detector but if the time ever does come I will replace it without hesitation because it has been such a pleasure to use and any additional detectors that I add to my arsenal for gold prospecting will surely have the name Minelab on the side. It took me a long time and a handful of different detectors, both used and new, but I have found my comfort zone with Minelab.
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