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Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on March 17, 2008):
The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV metal detector was my first. I had bought it when I was thirteen and did not know anything about metal detectors. I was always interested in the subject of treasure hunting, but never have done it. With the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV everything was an ease. I went to my back yard and started digging coins and of course TRASH. With the Tone ID and Discriminator switch I would know what was what in a matter of days. The battery life was amazing. The Tracker IV ran for forty plus hours before changing them. What I really did like was the durability of the detector. Then the day came that I headed out to the beach being that I live in Miami.

Thanks to the automatic tuning detecting the beach was an ease. The Tracker IV was picking up all the targets that I wanted to hear. The Tracker IV had great depth. In one hour I already had found six dollars and fifty seven cents. Also found a junk gold ring. My typical finds were coins and the occasional jewelry. This metal detector exceeded my expectations. Being such an inexpensive detector I would think that it would not perform well, but indeed it did. After that day I was hooked and was calling back Kellyco Detectors ordering accessories for my detector. I say because of this detector that I am remarkably experienced. I would definitely recommend the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV. Beginner or expert the Tracker IV can be very rewarding in the issue of money and fun!
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