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Minelab X-Terra 305 Metal Detector

Minelab X-Terra 305 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on August 7, 2014):
I talked to every company large and small. All the commission sales people at all other sellers, all but one was ready to sell me (a new person at detecting) the highest dollar unit instead of what I thought I wanted. When I found Kellyco Detectors l found the only 100% honest and professional company that the dollar was not all they cared about. When I say I talked to and made notes with all large and small detector companies, I really did. Guess being old I did things in a old school way, not knowing toward the end of searching I would find a company that had been around since 1955. I was about ready to spend a bunch on a detector at another company that was way past what I would have ever figured out! For a company in this day and time to do business in a HONEST and VERY PROFESSIONAL way has to start with the owner! The owner of this company I settled on had to have picked his sales people to be honest first. Very rare and sad to say in this day and time to even find a company like Kellyco Detectors!

The good news after again speaking to all detector companies I could locate, I am very thankful to have found Kellyco Detectors! So what happened after Scott answered all my stupid questions, I bought a lower priced Minelab for around $300.00 and that was still after thinking more money was smarter. Then I tried to buy another Minelab at about a $1500.00 price. Again a salesperson on commission said I would suggest for a second machine to back up a bit to a unit that is a better stepping stone for a beginner. Not $1500.00 but a well rounded Minelab for $900.00 and change. Only because Scott asked me the right questions I will start at a level I now know is the correct way to get started. Again, the second machine I insisted on purchasing myself so when ready it would be here and I would be ready for it. If you get a chance contact the owner and thank this man for his integrity and his honest way he has structured his business! Also I would bet my life all his people follow this man's way.
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