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Teknetics EuroTek Pro 11DD Metal Detector

Teknetics EuroTek Pro 11DD Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on November 5, 2013):
With all the metal detecting publicity on both the internet and TV it is nice to see a detector manufacturer release a machine like the Teknetics EuroTek Pro. Originally designed for the extreme hunting conditions of Europe and other areas where iron is common, it will work well as a multi-purpose machine. The machine has an extremely fast re-tune speed which is necessary in the areas where iron is the most common item in the ground, and an expanded iron discrimination feature not found in a machine priced at this level. The EuroTek Pro with the 8" concentric coil sells for only $219 or with the 11" DD coil for only $299. It also has a first ever volume control feature that is not available in any other detector on the market.

One of the first tasks I performed after assembly of a new detector is to check how it performs with a set of targets in air test. Over the years, I have kept a detailed record of air test results for many detectors using the same set of both ferrous and non-ferrous targets. Doing these tests gives a good indication how it might do on targets in the ground and allows me to see where each target registers on the ID number scale. This machine performed well in comparison to other more expensive machines, but surprised me by the low conductor, coil to target distances. I was expecting a low frequency of 7.8 kHz to be more sensitive to the high conductors but found the opposite to be true. At first, I thought there must be a mistake, but after an evening of testing, I knew the machine functions were deliberate. Low conductors are where gold and many European relics are. Some of the most valuable relics are in the lower conductor category.
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