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Fisher 1280X Metal Detector with 10.5" Search Coil

Fisher 1280X Metal Detector with 10.5" Search Coil

Product Review (submitted on March 17, 2008):
I am a scuba diver and I have been detecting for almost 9 years now. I started with an old White's PI 1000 that introduced me to metal detecting on land and the world of underwater treasure hunting. It was a great basic machine that detected all metals, but it had no sensitivity or discrimination settings. I quickly learned that I really needed was a machine with more control. I thought that Pulse machines were the only way to go, but they were way out of my price range. Then I found out about the 1280x Aquanaut. It offered the best for both of my worlds without putting me in hock. It's a VLF detector with all kinds of technical specs that some marketing specialist wrote up to make it sound impressive, but confused me because I really had no clue what they were talking about. But from my search on the Internet chat boards it seemed to be the best suited for my needs at a reasonable price. Not to mention this machine has been produced for over ten years so I figured it must be pretty good.

So I got one. The first time I fired it up and swept it over my garden test field that I peppered with some clad and silver coins, a small gold ring, some rusty nails, aluminum and tin can bits and a big old rusty ax head, I knew I made the right choice. I simply played with the sensitivity and discrimination and was quickly able to ignore the junk and find the goodies. The first time I took it to a local beach I thought I would just play around some more and get used to it in the pop top riddled parking lot sand dunes. I wasn't playing long. I ended up finding several dollars in clad coin, a dozen or more pieces of jewelry (earrings, toe rings and what appeared to be a broken belly button ring...ouch!) and a Swiss army knife. I was still a novice at this point and thought it was more luck than machine or technique.

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