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Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector

Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on December 14, 2012):
Today I received my new metal detector from Kellyco and found it to be very easy to assemble, it only took about 10 minutes to complete without even looking at the manual. OK I did read it thoroughly last night, I downloaded it from the Kellyco Website. After assembling the thing and unpacking all the goodies, I went out the door of my hobby shop and started around the side of my building. Leaving the unit at the default mode at startup (which is discrimination mode), I bumped the sensitivity up until I started getting chatter, then reduced it one bump at a time until it settled down. I started swinging and after a dozen or so swings I got a rather high pitched signal. Looking at the readout it showed as a Quarter, it said 3-4 inches. I said what the hay I'll dig it just to see.

Lo and behold I found a 1976 bicentennial quarter in less than 5 minutes of searching. Within 20 minutes of taking it from the Fed-Ex drivers hands. After only tinkering around with a unit which had been purchased from Wally World 5 years ago and never finding anything but bottle tops, this Teknetics Delta is a world apart. I had several coins laid out by my son in the yard and I found each and every one of them and the unit identified all of them correctly. I marked a zinc object at 6 inches and dug it, It was a wing which came from a small airplane I remember playing with as a child. The wing was at the depth of the digging tool which is approximately 6 inches.

I cannot compare this unit to any other unit since I probably (truly) didn't know how to set the unit I had before. I will say with the simplicity of using this unit right out of the box, the correct identification of objects found and proper depth determinations of the unit, it has given me a confidence that I have purchased a very good machine which I have immediate confidence.This in turn has given me more desire to go out and find history.

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