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Garrett GTI 2500 Pro Metal Detector

Garrett GTI 2500 Pro Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on April 8, 2008):
I own a Garrett GTI 2500. I did a lot of reading about where to find old coins, rings and lost articles. After doing some research, I decided the best place would be an old private park that was located off the main highway not too far from my home. Knowing that this park and the field were private I set off to find the owner. I drove out and I found the foreman and he told me how to contact the owner. I asked and obtained permission to search the grounds. Since it was getting late I thought it would be a good idea to get a fresh start in the morning. That night I checked out my detector and made sure I had fresh batteries in it. I couldn't help wondering if someone had the same idea I had and beat me to this field. But I was confident that I would be able to make some finds even if that was the case.

The next morning I got up early and loaded up my detector and supplies in the car. When I arrived I noticed the parking lot was small stones and thought that someone might have lost a few coins there. After checking and tuning my detector, I put on my headphones and decided to give it a try. I laid a dime on the ground to see if everything was working and had a clear tone. I gave the parking lot about 10 minutes and thought what a waste of time. Next it was off to the main field. I no sooner entered the field and my detector was getting a lot of hits. I had to make sure I was in discriminator mode. I pinpointed a target, pushed my probe down, and hit a coin. I dug it and found seven coins all stacked on each other (this was a first for me.) I stood in the same place without taking one step. I found sixty coins, pennies through silver quarters. It was then I knew I was the first to check this field out. As the day proceeded, I was busy digging so many coins that I needed to empty them out to make room for more. That night I showed my mom what I had found. Needless to say my mom and I went back and searched that field for days.
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