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Garrett GTI 2500 Pro Metal Detector

Garrett GTI 2500 Pro Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on March 18, 2008):
I've been metal detecting since the spring of 1993, and fell in love with the hobby with the first old coin I found. I've used different models of detectors over the years to find coins relics and jewelry. My detector of choice is the Garrett GTI 2500, which does an outstanding job of finding the treasures I'm looking for. In the parks and play grounds the 2500 with its Target ID and Treasure Imaging makes it easy to determine what your target is. This is great for coin and jewelry hunting. While hunting if I hear the Garrett bell tone I stop dead in my tracks because I know there's got to be something good under the coil. For relic hunting you can't beat the 2500 in the true all metal mode. The combo of the 12 inch coil and the all metal mode will seek out those deep relics and targets again and again. I've found some of my favorite relics with this detector!

This detector, like all Garrett detectors, is easy to use even for the beginner. The preset programs do a good job for most hunting spots but if you choose to change any setting on the detector you can do so without a lot of time taken in the field. The display screen lets you easily choose your settings and get back to your hunting. I've had my 2500 for five years now and I have a ton of silver coins to show for it. With the oldest being a 1745 French ecu from the reign of Lewis the XV. When the bell tone went off on that coin and the ID read 50 cents I said yeah right. But when the dirt cleared and that big old coin came out you could have heard me yell from three counties away!

My favorite relic is my 1850-1865 militia belt panel which I found while coin hunting with two of my friends at old fair grounds. We all put up money on a bet to see who could find the most coins for the day. Well, after the day was done I had the most coins in my pocket and to seal the deal I had the old belt plate. Needless to say I not only took the money home but got a great relic to boot.
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