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Garrett GTI 2500 Pro Metal Detector

Garrett GTI 2500 Pro Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on March 17, 2008):
When I started out at 12 years of age, it was with a cheap radio shack detector. At the time I was feeling out this hobby, unsure yet what to think. After a few successes with my brother, I was hooked line and sinker. Both my brother and I were big dreamers, dreaming of lost treasures of a lost age. I laugh now, because the tools we had were barely able to pick up a coin an inch under sod. My dad often told us that, "it would be of better use to look for vehicles that weren't buried too deep for it to read. Maybe then you could sell the scrap metal and make it worth your time." His words hit home. I needed something better to help with these dreams. After finally getting enough money, I set off for the quest of the right detector. All the research I did, I mainly did on dependability in the field and user friendly function. I finally narrowed my choices to two detectors, the Minelab Explorer II and the Garrett GTI 2500. Both had amazing qualities and functions, and both had its own draw backs.

The GTI 2500 I rented and tested first. After turning on the machine, I realized how self explanatory it was and didn't bother with the instructions. After a few air tests, I took it to field. With it I had immediate success finding a silver quarter about 6 inches deep. Believe it or not, it was my first signal. After feeling it out for a weekend and getting to know the finer functions, I was impressed. I ran into a few problems in highly trashy areas, but that was overcome simply by "notching" out particular types of trash I ran into and adjusting sensitivity. This, along with the visual graphics, is what this detector is all about. If I stumbled upon a typical pull tab, I could notch it out and no longer have to deal with that type of pull tab. Depth and accuracy was also a plus. About 9 times out of 10 it was accurate to a fault, at least with coins, jewelry is another matter.
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