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Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on March 17, 2008):
Recently, I purchased a Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II. As my first metal detector, I have found it very easy to use and reliable. The instructions are user friendly and has enabled me to coin shoot with some success. I have already found coins with little effort and frankly at minimal cost (for the detector). The coins I detected were found by following specific instructions outlined in the Bounty Hunter owner manual. It was simple, turn on the detector, push the DISC / ALL METAL touch pad, and turn the sensitivity knob 3/4 of a turn to the right. Now that I have experienced basic metal detecting, I am looking forward to expanding my searches by utilizing all the features of my new Bounty Hunter II. The other modes will allow me to further discriminate unwanted metals. These additional modes are as easy to understand and use as coin shooting was.

I think it is important to research possible hunting sites to ensure you are not trespassing on private property or breaking any local laws. I also think it is good idea to join a local metal detecting club. Some of the members have a tremendous amount of experience, and being new to the detecting hobby you cannot put a price on their knowledge. Finally, as a new metal detectorist, I know I have only scratched the surface. But, I also know that my new Quick Draw II will allow me to expand my dreams. If there are people out there who are also dreaming of treasure I would strongly recommend they consider the Quick Draw II. For the money its a metal detector that will most likely pay for itself in no time. Good hunting!
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