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Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on September 12, 2009):
I have no previous experience with metal detecting but my 6 year old son has an interest in treasure hunting, and after some research, I thought this was the machine for us. I received the Garrett Ace 250 yesterday. I read the instruction manual and watched the instructional DVD. I also read as much info as I could find on the internet about this metal detector. We spent some time in the backyard learning the machine. Then we hit the park and after that we went to the beach (freshwater) for a total of six hours. The Ace 250 seemed a little confusing at first but after getting used to it a bit we were able to differentiate the junk from the "treasure" for the most part. It does give some inaccurate readings on the initial pass of an object but if you lift the detector away from the target and try again it will usually give the correct signal. The discrimination was accurate, in that, it never confused one coin for another.

The instructions recommend that as a beginner you dig for everything you come across to get used to the different signals and what they mean. This led to a lot of disappearing signals where we would get a solid signal but found no metal when we dug. Eventually, the Ace would stop finding a signal at that spot. This could have been our inexperience though. The pinpointing feature is great once you learn how to use it. Every once in a while the pinpointing signal would just stay constant until you let off the button. But this was not a huge issue as it was only once in a while. The biggest issue we had with the Ace 250 is that it will give a coin signal for foil. We found a lot of foil when we thought we were digging for coins. It even located a piece of chromed plastic. The Ace 250 is very light and the height adjustment is such that it was comfortable for me at 6'1" and for my son at under 4". The detector seems of good quality with nothing breaking or feeling loose or wobbly even with my son, in his excitement, dropping it to grab the spade.
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