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Fisher CZ-3D Metal Detector

Fisher CZ-3D Metal Detector

Product Review (submitted on August 28, 2009):
Aspects which pleased me: I was impressed with the easy to use presets on this detector. There was no need to balance the detector or know the advanced technique before being able to make basic finds using the presents. The salt mode also was helpful for beach hunts. Moreover, this detector has great depth and was able to pick up some old civil war musket balls in mineralized soil at a depth of almost 12 inches.

Negative aspects: There are unit hardware problems. In two years, I have had two problems with the quality of the CZ-3D. First of all, when I received it, the knob had popped off the discrimination fob and I had to wait for almost a month to receive a new knob from Fisher (Kellyco was great) which I had to install myself. Soon, however, this new knob also fell off and got lost, which says something is wrong with the knob itself. I still cannot adjust the discrimination. Secondly, now, at two years of age, the unit is not producing sound and is currently being sent back to Fisher for servicing. This is frustrating because my summer is being wasted while the unit is being serviced and also because the expense merely to examine the unit ($50) is not insubstantial despite the fact that the unit has a "five year warranty."

In terms of performance, this detector seems to pick up some large rusty metal targets even with the discrimination set to high and the sensitivity down.

This being my first unit, I am not in a position to compare it with others. It has given me some good finds but I've also been frustrated with it. Overall, I'd give it three stars.