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Minelab EQUINOX 800 Metal Detector

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The EQUINOX 800 Metal Detector with Multi-IQ technology, redefines all-purpose detecting for beginners to serious enthusiast. Adaptable for all target types and ground conditions makes the 800 a true turn and go metal detector.

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Minelab 800

Review by William on February 15, 2019

Happy with my Minelab 800Equinox. This is my third Minelab machine from KellyCo over the years. Still have a working 705 Gold minelab. The 800 is amazing with the power and possible adjustments that can be made for different conditions and soil . Learned quickly that this machine is so powerful and accurate I had to adjust the sensitivity back very low to find gold. Great detector for the money. Recommend buying the small coil for hunting gold. Amazing battery life, easy charging.

Very pleased

Review by Robert on January 15, 2019

I never write reviews but when a company is as on point as Kellyco I have to. Carolyn was awesome she helped me decide on the best detector for me I was leaning toward the etrac which is quite a bit higher than the nox 800. She lead me to the nox even tho the etrac was higher and that gave me confidence in Kellyco not just pushing higher priced equipment but what would perform the best for me. They also gave me all the free stuff even though I used my military discount other places I looked at took it away with the discount. That’s not a discount if you do that and again Kellyco rocks My detector was here in 2 days,!! That’s was awesome as well. I used my equinox 800 for the first time today at a local park by our beach here in eufaula Oklahoma. I’m a beginner and this detector was great. No big finds just 3$ in clad found. What was impressive is the fact that the 800 picked up all those coins in trashy signals. I’d dig find a pull tab and right next to it a penny a dime or quarter Every coin was next to trash. I just wanted to say thank you to Kellyco for their awesome service. You can’t go wrong with Kellyco.

Could be better

Review by Katie Deep Beep on October 08, 2018

So disappointed with the pin pointing. I dig craters to find a penny. I never get a target on the first dig. It’s as if the target continues to move around. I swear it’s not operator error! The $200 GoFind has a better collapsing shaft for traveling! The hole and pin process is antiquated! You waste time fidgeting with the stupid hole, trying to find the stupid pin and break your nails in the process. Why did Mindlab opt for this cheap, old shaft collapsing method? You certainy can’t pack it in a jiffy. Nokta has a wonderful feature with the backlight that I wish the Equinox had. The Nokta screen lights up at night when it hits a target. I like that you can adjust the backlight on the Equinox, but it would be better if it lit up when you hit a target in the night. Night detecting works great when all three are synchronized: beep, light and target ID. Other than that, we find the Equinox 800 to be just as good as the CTX3030.


Review by allen on September 14, 2018

First outing in the surf at Panama City Beach Florida. Not submersion, but in surf. Detector worked well at first then became quite chatty. Shortly thereafter unusable, and while I, in a puzzled state, attempted to make adjustments, it shut down. The next day, it restarted, but again, shut itself down. I then noticed small bubbles of water on the backside of the screen. I removed the protector in case these water droplets were there instead of inside the machine- but alas- no- they were inside. I've contacted Minelab, no answer, I left a message and am awaiting a return call. From a company that produced the Excalibur 1000, which I purchased in 2000, and which still works like a beast and continues to remain waterproof, this is a total fail. I expected better. On Kellyco's end, their ordering system is appalling. I also ordered (pre-ordered) the 6 inch coil for the ill-fated Nox, that order resulted in an "order complete" email, but no coil. I searched my account for the order to check it's status, it still isn't there- even though my coil was finally delivered. Need to work on that Kellyco. People get nervous about their money.

Awesome Detector & Great Kellyco Service!

Review by Dennis F McNamara on September 09, 2018

Pre-ordered the 'Nox 800 in March and I finally got it in mid June. Kellyco was spot on when I called in early May to see maybe when my pre-order might ship. Very pleasant to talk to any of their reps on the phone! The 800 really is a different beast compared to the Garretts I was used to. I really love how light this machine is. The Target ID is spot on and with the 1.75 software update, the depth indicator is now spot on. LOVE the multi-level backlight on the display and the user interface is really easy to learn. Used the detector at the Jersey Shore on vacation and was amazed at the depth and stability in the wet or dry sand. I was getting 12+ inches on coins! This machine also does well with silver jewelry on the beach. I used the stock beach 1 mode and this thing is incredibly stable even in the surf! Can't say that about my AT Max! The 'Nox also brings hunted out sites back to life with things that I had missed with other machines! Love it! Love it! Love it! Thank You Minelab and Kellyco!

Great Detector

Review by Joe Detector on June 04, 2018

Wow! I am new to detecting but have been amazed with the Equinox 800. It is easy to use right out of the box but also has a lot of functionality and adjustments that you can make once you get used to the detector. It is amazing just how small of an object it will detect at a fairly deep depth. I recommend downloading the manual and reading through it. Very extensive. Easy to see why Minelab is on top of their game with this machine! I know that there has been bad press regarding the detector's shaft being too flexible but mine is pretty solid once tightened down. Initially, I was a little confused regarding the wireless head phones. I thought that you had to use the WM08 module with the WL80 headphones but this is not true. My ML80 headphones connect directly to the detector. The WM08 module lets you sync other headphones (like if you have a favorite set) to the device which is also very cool. My rep at KellCo highly recommended the Equinox 800 (I was set on getting a different detector) and I am VERY happy that I listened to him and purchased the 800. I highly recommend this detector.

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