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Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

Sku: 14-1140460
with 8.5x11" PROformance DD Search Coil and MS-2 Headphones Plus FREE Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting Accessories

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Great detector but the headphones need work.

Review by Phil on June 29, 2018

The Garrett AT Pro is a great metal detector for both coin shooting and relic hunting. It works well in most environments although I found it to be kind of touchy in salt water in the transitions between wet and dry. I have enjoyed mine for much more than a year with no real problems My only complaint is with the headphones. I use them when I am in a noisy environment or when I don't want to disturb others in the area. Otherwise I hunt without them. The O-ring connector is extremely difficult to plug into the machine and often takes me as much as 5 minutes to seat properly. Also, since the headphones themselves are not waterproof, I have to be extremely careful when using them in the water to be sure that the way too short cable doesn't pull them off and dump them in the water when I am busy trying to retrieve a target. If Garrett would improve their headphones, it would have a perfect mid price range machine.

None Like the AT Pro for the Money and Performance

Review by Heavyduty on February 06, 2018

Very good on coins, gold and silver or clad. I like it for the Civil War relics I have found, and it's good on brass, lead, bullets, buckles and buttons. Very good at deleting trash and finding what you are looking for, sometimes the foil will fool you, but watch your numbers and dig. Good hunting and always deal with the good guys at Kellyco. They are the best.

A Great Metal Detector

Review by Terry on October 22, 2017

I have to say it's a good metal detector. I'm still learning to use it, but not bad for my third time out, 2 Mercury Head Dimes and 3 Wheat Back Pennies. I have also found a lot of other newer coins. I can't complain.

My AT Pro Comes Through For Me Today

Review by Jeffrey on October 14, 2017

I have been pounding the ground with my AT Pro for about a year now upgrading from an Ace 350. The AT Pro has put me on a Seated dime,a few Barbers,a few Merc's and banged out the dime that that had been eluding me. A 1951D Roosevelt was snatched from the earth. The AT Pro was finally able to put me on the newest of the silver dimes that had for me, been the hardest to find. You just can't go wrong when you buy an AT Pro!

Excellent Detector with a Few Minor Flaws

Review by David on August 19, 2017

Easy to use and spans the gap between basic detectors and professional detectors. I have found a lot of "treasure" with my AT Pro - even in heavily trashed areas. For thorough searches, a good set of headphones are a must. Here is one issue with the AT Pro, the detector requires headphones with a waterproof connector. The set supplied with the AT Pro are not waterproof and are not comfortable with the cord being too short. Changing batteries is also an issue with the cumbersome waterproof battery pack and almost invisible polarity markings. The connectors to the detector head are difficult to access if you have large fingers. Otherwise, the AT Pro meets all of my requirements for a general purpose metal detector. PS: Garrett or third party suppliers should make an inexpensive waterproof to 1/4 " adapter!!

Unbelieveable Machine!!!

Review by Chris on August 14, 2017

I started the hobby with the Garrett Ace 250 and just recently upgraded to the AT Pro. I have been back to a park that I hunted quite extensively with my Ace 250 and I was finding things that I had walked over!! Absolutely love this machine and glad I bought it!! Cannot say enough good things about the AT Pro. If you are looking for a great machine look no further!!!

Finds in a Hunted Out Location

Review by Rob on June 25, 2017

I love this detector! I called my friend that owns property with a house that was built in the 1860's to see if I could search his property. He said the land had been previously searched by 4 other metal detectorist's, of which 2 where "hard core" and said the land was hunted out and filled with trash but I was welcome to try. In 3 hours I found a one cent coin from 1848, a sterling silver spoon or fork handle patented in 1876 with an amazing griffon design, a 5 cent trading token and a yet to be identified copper coin or token along with assorted buckles . And I've only searched 2 acres out of 20. I love the discrimination options and the ability to change frequencies. The nearby power lines were really making the machine chirp and bing like crazy until I read the manual and changed the frequencies. After that, it was like the power lines weren't even there. I have another friend with property dating back to the 1850's that's reportedly never been searched. I can't wait to to use the Garrett AT Pro there.

Bucket List Buster!!!

Review by Joe on May 30, 2017

I have had the AT Pro for about 4 months. It has lead me to my best detecting finds to date. With optimal soil conditions, the machine can detect 8 inches easily. The best machine for the amount of money. Another great thing about the AT Pro, is that there are many options for aftermarket coils made to fit it.

The AT Pro is Incredible

Review by Franchesky on May 27, 2017

I bought the AT Pro about a month ago and I put it to the test. Performs strong in salt and lake water.
Took a bit of reading, research, and going out on the field to get used to the detector but that's all the fun part.
I found 2 rings and lots of coins in the past 30 days and look forward to find more. I strongly recommend the AT Pro to anyone.

Amazing Machine!

Review by Joseph on May 12, 2017

I've only had my AT Pro for a couple days and I'm already finding things I've missed in my back yard. Everything from buffalo nickels to small silver earrings. I'm going to have a blast with this machine. It's a huge step up from the Bounty Hunter TK4.

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