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Minelab Excalibur II with 10" Coil Metal Detector

Sku: 237-33030106
with 10" Search Coil Plus FREE Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting Accessories.

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Excalibur II

Review by BillRuff on April 03, 2019

I started w/ a Fisher from a friend and quickly moved to a Excalibur I. After using this for 10 or more years my wife bought me an Excalibur II. It is a very fine instrument that I love to use. I usually walk 4-10 miles when doing the beach. Love it for private lake and shallow stream swimming areas. Fantastic ground change electronics. Takes a little time to get accustom to but worth the effort.

Great Detector

Review by Robert on November 25, 2017

I bought my first Excalibur in 1994 and I still use it today along with 4 others I own. I am now retired and am on the beaches of Florida detecting with my Excaliburs four to five days week. So far this month (NOV 2017) I have found 580 coins, a working watch, small gold ring, matching his and hers tungsten wedding bands, costume ring, 9 fishing sinkers, 3 sunglasses, 6 keys, 9 fishing sinkers, 4 earrings, and assorted odds and ends. The Excalibur is a rugged well built detector with a couple of minor faults that can be corrected by the owner of the machine. I have used my detectors on the beaches of Long Island NY, Myrtle Beach SC, Galveston TX, Venice and Santa Monica beach CA and a dozen Florida beaches. Also in Mexico, Dominican Republic, St Lucia, and Jamaica. Every beach where I used the Excalibur it worked great. My monthly finds are equal too or better than finds members of my club display at our monthly meetings using more expensive detectors. With 25 years of using the Excalibur I have to look back at the great finds I have made on the beaches that are locked up in a safe deposit box to realize that this is the greatest hobby one could have. As a note my wife is very happy wearing many of the finds I have brought home. I gave up fishing to use my Excaliburs and my wife doesn't yell at me any more for storing worms in the refrigerator and having bloody bait and fish smelling clothes in the hamper.

Great Machine

Review by Gary on January 27, 2017

I used the Excalibur I to death. The II is just as good. It is a great machine, perfect for the beach and shallow water hunting I do. I do, however, have two complaints. First is the knobs. I was hoping Minelab would rework these in this version. They did not and the knobs are an issue. They stick out and can break easily. They also loosen up and fall off so make sure you keep them tight. The second complaint is trying to get into the battery case. After my battery went dead on my Excalibur I, I replaced it with a setup that allowed you to use replaceable AA batteries. The problem is trying to get the lid off the battery case to change batteries as needed. With all that said it is a great working machine and should give you many many years of fun hunting.

Just Buy It

Review by NUMIS33 on April 04, 2016

I've had my Excalibur for about 5 years now so this review may inform you a bit better than most on what to expect from your new machine. First and foremost, this is a very high quality machine, both in materials used and quality of build. After a fairly simple assembly and a quick read of the owners manual you should be able to start hunting with moderate success. The only reason I say moderate is because there is a small learning curve for those who had been using a detector with one of those silly info. screens that (supposedly) tells you exactly what you've found and how deep it is. Having said all that, this is not a good choice for beginners. All of the info. on your target is determined by sound alone. It can take a considerable amount of time to get good at this and I strongly advise you to buy the CD available through Kellyco on sound interpretation made specifically for the Excalibur 2. The CD was produced by a music / sound and tone expert and will save you from doing a lot of useless digging. As far as performance is concerned you can expect it to do everything it is advertised to do. There are two inexpensive upgrades you should buy at the time of purchase. The first is an Anderson straight shaft to replace the awkward factory shaft and the second is a full set of Anderson control Knobs. You`ll most likely have problems with the factory knobs right off the bat (most people do). If you live on or near any body of water, as I do, (The Treasure Coast of Florida) and you want to do some wet detecting, either wading , snorkeling or diving this is the machine you need to be using. It`s worth every penny you pay for it and when you throw in the freebees from Kellyco it`s a downright bargain. On a scale of 1-5 stars I rate it a 6.

Review by Daniel D.

Review by Daniel D on July 09, 2012

I bought my first metal detector from Kellyco in 1979. It was a Bounty Hunter. I used this detector for many years. I went on a treasure hunt back in the 70's with Kellyco to the Dade massacre. I found a lot of musket balls on that trip. Since then I have bought a Garrett Master Hunter treasure talk. I have found numerous coins and relics, and recently I bought a Minelab Excalibur II. This is by far the best detector I have ever owned. I thought it would be fun to start detecting the beach. Most of the people I see detecting are on dry sand. Well let me tell you the Minelab Excalibur is the ultimate metal detector, since I can now detect in the water. I have found jewelry and relics in the surf. The surf has covered me and my detector.

The detector works excellent, never had any problems. I have a four year warranty on the unit but I don't think I will ever use it. After detecting for the day I brought it home and hosed it off with the garden hose. By far the Minelab Excalibur is the best detector for the money. I really did not want to spend the money for the detector but you get what you pay for. I am extremely pleased with my purchase. I would not buy from any other dealer, because simply put: Kellyco is the best. I have always bought my supplies from Kellyco; they always have everything you need. I had an indicator cap for a knob fall off of my detector in the surf. I went to Kellyco but they did not have anymore in stock. The sales rep took one off the display model and gave it to me, did not cost me a dime.

Review by Robert .

Review by Robert on July 09, 2012

Hi, I recently purchased my Excalibur II and I have to say that it is truly a perfect machine for the beach and water hunting that I do. It took me about a week to begin to distinguish the different signature tones for the Excalibur, but in about 2 ½ weeks I have already found a nice gold ring and an assortment of .925% silver jewelry. I really like the ease of the turn on and go nature of the Excalibur. I simply tune the threshold and leave my other dials set from my last successful hunt and I'm off.

I do wish however that this machine had some sort of battery gauge, as it is hard as a new detectorist to know just how much of the battery I have used up. I have just taken to charging the battery overnight before a big hunting day and that seems to work fine. I bought a second detector shortly after this one so that I could have an extra for friends to go with me (Ace 250) and even though the Ace is a great machine, I'll never give up the Excalibur II. Once you learn to "hear" what it's telling you, it is all to easy to determine your targets.

Review by Tim M.

Review by Tim M on August 02, 2010

The Excalibur machine is a great machine. You will find lots of great things. The only cons I have about the machine are knobs, and Minelab customer service. The knobs if you are not careful will strip off and you have to replace them. As far as customer service, MineLab needs to keep up with demand. I waited about 5 months on my machine, because they were back ordered. The Excalibur is probably the best water machine out there. As soon as I got mine, I found some old silver dollars and about 5 rings. If you purchase this machine, be mindful of the delicate knobs.

Review by Doug G.

Review by Doug G on July 12, 2010

I received my new Excalibur 1000 and new stainless steel scope from Kellyco, and was excited to be able to use it the following weekend. I found it easy to set the control knobs after reading the booklet that was supplied with the machine. My friend and I who also uses an Excalibur 1000 traveled to a local lake and hunted two swim beaches, which normally get a lot of traffic from other water hunters. Between the two of us, we found two 10K and one 14K rings along with approx. $6 in coins. The discrimination that Minelab offers kept me from digging any nails or iron. Gold has a unique sound that tells you, you have something special. My Garrett 250 has a special sound for coins that I really like, but there is nothing like gold to make your heart race. I would recommend the Excalibur 1000 to anyone wants to take their treasure hunting to the next level. I give the Excalibur 5 gold stars!

Review by Steve T.

Review by Steve T on March 02, 2010

I have owned two Minelab Excaliburs. My first was the Excalibur 800 with the blue headphones. That machine paid for itself the first week of ownership with three gold rings found at state park swimming areas. My second is the Excalibur II 1000. I really love the Excalibur as it is very much like the Sovereign which is an excellent land machine. I love the beaches and the Sovereign, although a great machine, it would be damaged for sure by getting dunked in salt water. So the Excalibur fits the bill for me as far as not having to worry about it getting wet.

The Excalibur 800 is ideal for water hunting as it swings through the water easily with the small coil. I do recommend getting a straight shaft for the Excalibur as the factory shaft can be uncomfortable for some people. The straight shaft will put the control pod behind you and balance the Excalibur so you can swing it all day without getting tired. Some people prefer the hip mount but you must be careful when hip mounting as the wires have a habit of coming loose. Salt water is a problem for most single frequency detectors and you will get all kinds of noises when hitting the water. Not with the Excalibur. With 17 frequencies, the Excalibur works perfect in almost all conditions. The only time it does not work as well as a PI machine is when in black sand.

My detectors are tools to make money and I have been very successful in finding jewelry in the water and wet sand. Coins are fun to find but they do not pay as well as jewelry especially when gold is over $1000 an ounce. My Excalibur 800 was stolen out of my car and so I went and bought the Excalibur II 1000. With the 1000, which has the 10 inch coil, I can cover more area with it than the 800. It is also a bit deeper. But in very trashy areas it has a tendency to null too much because it covers so much area. The Excalibur II seems to be a bit more stable than the older Excaliburs. Not sure if they are deeper but I love the new NIMH batteries.

Review by Michael T.

Review by Michael T on January 31, 2010

I have been detecting since I was 13 years old. I have used at least 15 different brands of detectors. I use a DFX on land and an Excalibur for the water. I have also used other water detectors. By far, the Excalibur has been the best in the water. In 3 years time, I have found over 300 rings, silver, gold, junk metal, platinum, and seven diamond rings. I have also found coins and numerous amounts of other jewelry. I have used the detector in fresh and salt water and it has worked perfect. There is a slight learning curve but you will have it down in a day. I’m not a tech geek. I’m just an average guy so don’t worry about the learning process. I’m a firefighter and get out when I can. I don’t work for any detector company. I just love the hobby. Maybe some day I will get to England to detect, which is my dream. In case you cant tell, I love my Minelab Excalibur and have never had to repair it once, except for some rubber washers. Thanks and best of luck to all of you. Be safe!

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