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Kellyco Repair Center

Kellyco Repair Center

For Minelab Repairs, please contact Minelab at: 1-888-949-6522 (Closed On Weekends)


The Kellyco Repair Department supports metal detector repair as follows:

AquaPulse / AquaScan Authorized Service Center: Warranty / Non-Warranty Troubleshooting, Service and Repair for the following Aqua Pulse / Aqua Scan Detectors:

  • AQ Series (AQ1A, AQ1B multiple versions)
  • DX-200 / DX-300 magnetometers
  • Accessories

Nokta Warranty / Non-Warranty Service Announcement: In an effort to improve support to Nokta and Kellyco Customers in North America, Nokta Metal Detectors and Kellyco are proud to announce that effective 1 June 2015, the Kellyco Repair Center is certified as an Authorized Nokta Warranty Service Center for North America.

Warranty and Non-Warranty Service will be initially provided for the following Nokta products and will be expanded to cover additional Nokta models in the near future:

  • Nokta Velox
  • Nokta FORS Core
  • Nokta FORS Gold
  • Nokta Golden Sense

Questions regarding Nokta Warranty / Non-Warranty Service in North America should be directed to the
Kellyco Repair Center at 407-388-3813 or 407-388-3812


Coiltek Warranty / Non-Warranty Service Announcement: In an effort to improve support to Coiltek and Kellyco Customers in North America, Coiltek and Kellyco are proud to announce that effective 1 June 2015, the Kellyco Repair Center is certified as an Authorized Coiltek Warranty Service Center for North America.

Limited Warranty and Non-Warranty Service will be provided for Coiltek products as follows:

Assessment of Coiltek coils returned due to manufacturing defect (Replacement Assessment);
Warranty / Non-Warranty Repair of Coils to include limited repair of broken wires, connector repairs/replacement
(Repair Assessment / Repair).

Questions regarding Coiltek Warranty / Non-Warranty Service in North America should be directed to the
Kellyco Repair Center at 407-388-3813 or 407-388-3812


Customer Comments

Comment #1:

"I recently had Barry, one of the authorized Minelab technicians at Kellyco, do some extensive modification to my beloved Excalibur II. He replaced the stock headphones with Gray Ghost Amphibians, replaced the Minelab knobs with Anderson knobs and installed the pinpoint switch on the grip. After all the work was done in just a few days, he pressured tested the whole thing to 200+ feet. When it passed his exacting standard, he let me know it was ready for the beach.

I had an opportunity to test it out yesterday at Port Orange near Daytona a word...Perfection!

Since I had never hunted in PP mode before I was eager to see just how this worked and how convenient the switch really was after hearing all the rave reviews from friends and posters on this forum.

Not only was my Excal rock solid, the PP switch worked like the champ it was designed to be...the stories are indeed true! The depth in PP on our saltwater beaches was impressive--I was detecting targets at greater depths than I could ever have done in Disc alone and the ability to rapidly toggle back and forth was a truly hassle free way of operating. One aspect of the PP mod Barry uses that I thought was a great advantage was the fully waterproof and enclosed designed “button” he installs instead of the more conventional and familiar toggle switch. No water or sand whatsoever can get in that switch and prevent its intended function. We really need such a precaution here in Florida where sand and water prevails throughout the state!

The new headphones were a real blessing also as those who use them know so well. The fit itself is light years ahead of the stock headphones in terms of comfort and snugness. The tones are very clear and much improved and the ability to regulate the volume on the phones themselves is very convenient. I was hearing all tones much clearer now and just as important, not hearing the ambient ocean noise that was always present with the stock phones.

All in all, Barry did a bang up job all around...I couldn't be more pleased. He and his brother Dave are exceedingly knowledgeable and the best folks you'll ever want to meet. In fact, I'm now considering a second Excal and having them outfit it the same way as my primary!"

- ColonelDan (From TreasureNet.Com Web Forum)


Comment #2:

"Good day, Stuart and Dave, and all the rest of your crew. I really enjoyed meeting you all and especially and discussing your ideas about eliminating problems which have evolved because of my size. I'm not hunting today because of normal scheduling but will be out tomorrow to follow the low tide down. Needless to say, I'll provide you with details tomorrow, after my hunt.

I've been looking at Charles Garrett's book today and will think about his methods tomorrow as I hunt. I'll be giving everything a good going over as I hunt and am really excited about the new lash-up of your ideas and my performance. I'll let you know how I make out after the hunt. I'll start working around 7am and finish after the low tide at 11:45 am and will talk to you then. Dave, you and your son did a beautiful job on the Excal 2. I'm really looking forward to getting it in the water. (I logged 617 miles on my trip. Thanks again for your hospitality.) "

- R. McDonald


Comment #3:

"Hi Barry, just a note to let you know I’ve received the repaired Excal and new Underwater detectors. Many thanks for your quick turn-around time, finding the carbon fiber rod on my behalf and your excellent service. You've made a new customer for Kellyco very happy!"

- Brent M.


Comment #4:

"I received excellent customer service. Barry was Awesome..fixed my machine quickly and shipped it out right away in time for my treasure hunting trip. You guys rock!!"

- Laura G.


Comment #5:

"From my sending in the unit to me receiving it back from Kellyco was a total of 12 days, that in itself makes me very happy with their repair service...However, I called Kellyco to ask about the repair status on Friday the 17th and they had not yet started the repair due to others being worked on. The young lady I talked to (can't remember her name) informed me mine would be next in line for repairs... I understood and thanked her. Today 7-21-15 I received the CTX back from Kellyco, I was shocked when the FedEx truck pulled up, never expecting it so quick...

I want to thank you for your time and to please pass on to the team at Kellyco my thanks for the fast repair. I have all my programs downloaded and am ready to go back out and get more gold."

- Cliff V.


Repair Center Contact

Direct: 407-388-3813
Hours: Monday – Friday
9:00AM – 5:30PM

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