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Razor Edge Gator Digger with Sheath


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Has 18 Large Cutting Teeth and Blade is Made of Strong Carbon Steel. Includes a Lifetime Warranty

Kellyco Razor Edge Gator Digger with Sheath
Has 18 Large Cutting Teeth and Blade is Made of Strong Carbon Steel. Includes a Lifetime Warranty

Our third generation Razor Edge Gator Digger is now even better! Computer designed bias-cut tipped blade with 18 large cutting teeth. These 18 massive razor edge cutting teeth cut through roots, hard clay, composite soils that can stop other diggers in their tracks! Stronger carbon steel blade welded through the handle. Durable International orange colored handle with no-slip blade guard and internal endcap grip protector. Blade is 7.50" long x 2" wide. Overall length is 12.3". For a limited time, includes very strong Dura-Pro II cordura carrying sheath with belt loop. With the Gator Digger’s double-edged cutting teeth, it can be used by right or left-handed people. All Razor Edge Gator Diggers come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Kellyco Razor Edge Gator Digger with Sheath


  • Overall Length is 12.3"
  • 18 Large Cutting Teeth
  • Stronger Carbon Steel Blade
  • Blade is 7.50" Long x 2" Wide
  • Comes with a Lifetime Warranty!
  • Durable International Orange Colored Handle
  • Includes Very Strong Dura-Pro II Cordura Carrying Sheath

Customer Reviews

Average Rating

3.8 average of 16 reviews

Awesome hand digger!

Review by Bob Lee on March 24, 2020

Got this for free when I purchased a Minelab 800, which is and exceptional machine. This hand digger is stout and will hold up to substantial abuse.

Wow thats big

Review by john on November 05, 2019

Now thats what I call a great digging tool!


Review by Paul on November 01, 2019

Very good digging tool!

Razor Edge very nice tool

Review by Johnbo on October 16, 2019

This works very well, built strong and the sheath is perfect.


Review by Nita on October 15, 2019

Great product!

Fine tool

Review by Rick on October 04, 2019

It seems well made. I haven’t really stressed it tho. It looks like the lesch. So far so good tho. Sheath is really nice.

Built very heavy

Review by John on October 04, 2019


Digging tool

Review by Scott MI on October 04, 2019

Very nice, needed a new one.


Review by Clifford on June 09, 2018

I received my digger today and on my first hole of about 3 inches it bent. I tried a few more digs and it kept on bending more.

It Will Bend

Review by Guy on June 27, 2017

brand new and used it for one hour
and it bend just digging in the ground
they need to not sale this


Review by Victor on May 07, 2017

I only used it once. Seen a video on YouTube about how it will bend and didn't believe because of its size and weight. But I bent it on my first trial, just trying to learn about my detector and my first plugs. Yes I was able to bend it back but was not straight again after first bend. Also very thick, unlike the better or best trowels being much better grade steel. Like aircraft grade or stainless. My wife uses it now for simplest of gardening. I'm a newbie or beginner and this came free with my purchase of the AT Pro and ProPointer II. Don't waste your money here! I decided to try a Japanese Hori Hori (dig dig) knife and that works muck better being thinner stronger, having a full tang and better construction. I am testing out a Fiskars hori hori for now. At half the price of this guy.

Folded on First Hole

Review by Oregondigger on October 05, 2016

Used it once to cut a grass plug and it bent nearly 30 degrees. Proceeded to bend it back to straight and it broke in half. Bought the Lesche to replace it.

Gator Digger

Review by david on December 31, 2015

My wife ordered this for me for Christmas and I was very happy to get it, unfortunately it bent on the first day of usage in fairly soft soil. Contacted Kellyco and I had the item refunded in exchange for a Lesche digger. I ordered the LS version which has the cutting edge on the left side but when I received it I got the one which has the cutting edge on the right side. This morning I've sent it back to get the correct version. At this point I'm a little tired of Kellyco and their screw ups and can't believe they would sell the Gator Digger which is nothing more than Chinese junk. Believe me when I say you will be sorry if you buy one. Go with the Lesche digger, but be sure that you make them read back the order you place with them so you get the right item. Not a happy camper .


Review by Matt H on May 06, 2015

I purchased this digger thinking it was going to be an overpriced trowel that bent quickly and didn't meet it's description. I also thought the abuse of what we detectorists put our shovels and trowels through that it wouldn't hold up. Well I put off on writing this review for a while so I could know for sure how it is and make good on informing someone who is questioning buying it. It's been about a year and I have no complaints with the digger. I modified the handle on mine as soon as I got it. I install a schedule 40 PVC "T" fitting on the end then installed PVC end caps, did it all black, so it looks factory and so I have a nice T handle. These diggers are expensive compared to the others but believe me, its worth every penny. I've pried rocks apart in the ground and old walls that weighed in excess of 150 lbs without bending the blade. I'm looking to purchase a digger for my girlfriend and would like to buy this one again but I just wish it was a little cheaper. As the price is the only negative complaint I have. The sheath is starting to wear a little but I'm not too worried about that. I would definitely recommend buying this.

Kellyco Razor Edge Digger

Review by Ron W on February 03, 2015

Just got mine delivered today. Very impressed with this tool. Extremely well built. Haven't tried it yet, too much snow on the ground. I'd say this thing is indestructible!! Built heavy and comfortable handle. Money well spent!! Folks you can't go wrong with this one. Sheath is also top quality and well built. Super fast shipping. Good job Kellyco.

Review by Stan B.

Review by Stan B on May 25, 2011

I just got the new and improved Gator Digger and I put it to the test. I worked an area that has a lot of tree roots and thick grass roots. The gator tore through the tree roots and grass roots with no problems. I cut through a root that was an inch thick to see how the teeth would hold up and it cut through the root with ease. I got into some thick clay as well and put the handle to the pressure test it would not bend at all I put the blade half way in the ground and it still would not bend at all. This tool is real strong and can be put through some of the toughest digging spots you can find I even tried it in a crushed gravel area that I could not even use a shovel in and the new Gator Digger tore right through it with ease. I dug a quarter at 7 inches and tried to bend the blade but I gave up on it that thing is tough as nails.

I would recommend this digger to anyone who is looking for a nice digger that will cut as you go and not have to worry about roots any more. Have fun out there and find some hidden treasures along the way I hope this helps anyone out there looking for a good digging tool.

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