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Quest Metal Detectors & Accessories

Any products related to Deteknix are now rebranded as Quest Metal Detectors. Deteknix Inc. continues to stand behind their products and commit to the pursuit of superior service and quality to customers.

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  • Quest Pro Sports Pack

    Quest Pro Sport Pack Metal Detector

    with 11x9" RaptorS TurboD Search Coil, Wire-Free Lite Headphones and Much More.
    Includes $76 in FREE Accessories!
    Sku: 1691-17036000
  • Quest Pro Bundle Package

    Quest Pro Bundle Pack Metal Detector

    with 11x9" RaptorS TurboD Coil, 9.5x5.5" BladeS TurboD Coil, Wire-Free Pro Headphones, Camouflage Pouch, and Much More.
    Includes $76 in FREE Accessories!
    Sku: 1691-17036000-BDL
  • Quest Q40 Metal Detector

    Quest Q40 Metal Detector

    with 11x9" TurboD Waterproof Search Coil
    Includes $76 in FREE Accessories!
    Sku: 1691-1705102
  • Drop Leg Pouch

    Quest Drop Leg Pouch

    The Drop Leg Pouch, is a hard, EVA-formed holster that provides a greater level of protection for your pin-pointer than some of the softer holsters on the market.

    Sku: 1691-1506101
  • WTX 2.4G Audio Transmitter

    Quest WTX 2.4G Audio Transmitter

    This transmitter is splash-proof and is equipped with a 1000aAh Li-Po battery for 24 hours of continuous service before recharge.

    Sku: 1691-17031000
  • Scoopal

    Quest Scoopal

    Made from 1.4 mm 304 stainless steel, this unit is durable and lightweight at only 2 pounds 4 ounces.

    Sku: 1691-1607101
  • Wirefree HD Headphones

    Quest Wirefree HD Headphones

    The Wirefree HD Headphones manufactured by Quest are cordless and operate with a separate transmitter and receiver.

    Sku: 1691-17033000
  • Wirefree Pro Headphones

    Quest Wirefree Pro Headphones

    Designed to be used with Quest Metal Detectors, the pro wireless headphones feature a 0.06 second audio delay with no distortion audio signal.

    Sku: 1691-16032000

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