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Anyone who is serious about prospecting or panning for gold wants a good and reliable gold scale. Whether you’re a hobbyist who goes out with a metal detector on weekends, or you’re on the lookout for hidden treasure, you’ll need scales. You can go into a store and look around for gold scales or you can do an online search, and you’ll come up with several options. The choice is yours, but when ordering from Kellyco Metal Detectors, you’ll get the best product for your money. We have a large selection of gold scales to offer, which is constantly changing, and you will appreciate our sale prices. We have an experienced staff that is always ready to help answer your questions when deciding which gold scales to order. No matter what your specific needs are, we can help you choose the most appropriate model.

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Which Functions Are the Most Important When Buying Gold Scales?

When you’re out in the field and you want to inspect your findings, one of the most important things you’ll want in your gold scales is ease of use. Begin by selecting the most comfortable size for you. Do you want gold scales that will fit in your pocket? Or can they be larger to fit inside of a knapsack? The point is, once you grab them and put your findings on them, they should be easy to use. You can choose from hand-held models to larger ones that you can place on a stone, stump, or wall of some sort. Some of the models even have a backlit display, making them easy to use in the dark. At Kellyco Metal Detectors, we keep your ease in mind when offering our wide selection of gold scales.

The next criterion to consider is the type of weight measures you want. Some of our options include grams, ounces, pennyweight, carats, grains, and Troy ounces. Most people have a specific weight preference, so be sure to select gold scales that offer the option you are the most comfortable with, and then consider the weight limitations that come with each model. They vary, but some pocket scales weigh up to 800 grams. Also take into account the tray that weighs your items. You might want to choose a model with a protective platform cover that you can flip upside down to use as a weighing tray.

When you’re out in the field with your metal detector, you can’t count on having an electrical outlet nearby. Each model of gold scales has different power and battery requirements. Check the number of batteries each one requires, and if it is also equipped with a low battery indicator. By being able to check the battery level and change the batteries when needed, you can save yourself headaches when on the job.

Remember that at Kellyco, we have an experienced staff on hand to help you compare models and choose the best gold scales for your prospecting and metal detecting needs.