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Why You Should Purchase Gold Panning Tools from Kellyco

Kellyco is a major distributor of gold panning tools for hobbyist and professionals for a number of reasons. Not only do we offer many different types of gold panning tools, but we also offer many different brands of gold panning tools. That way, if you already have a brand that you trust for your prospecting needs, you can buy gold panning tools of this brand rather than settling for another brand. Some examples of brands we have in our inventory include Fisher, Garrett, Keene, Gold Cube, and Turbo Pan.

The many options our customers enjoy when it comes to gold panning tools is far from being the only reason Kellyco is trusted among professionals and hobbyists alike. Our employees are experienced and well-versed when it comes to prospecting, so they will be able to provide you with in-depth information about any of the gold panning tools we offer. Just go up to any of our staff members and you will surely receive excellent and relevant advice.

Which gold panning tools are essential for prospecting?

Not only do you need gold panning tools that will make prospecting easier for you, but you also need tools and accessories to protect yourself from becoming filthy or even getting injured. Some basic tools that are essential for prospecting include the following:

  • - Vials
  • - Bucket
  • - Magnets
  • - Rubber boots
  • - Metal detectors
  • - Magnifying glass
  • - Hand shovel, garden trowel, rock hammer, crevice tool, etc.

There are a number of factors that you should keep in mind when choosing gold panning tools for prospecting. One major factor you want to consider is where you will be prospecting. You want tools that will be suitable for use in the type of soil or dirt in which you will be prospecting. For example, you wouldn't use the same gold panning tools for sand as you would for hard-packed and moist soil.

Another factor you should consider is whether prospecting will be done wet or dry. If you are going dry panning, a drywasher is best for your needs. The drywasher will allow you to separate dry materials and keep these materials dry. A sluice box is a handy tool if you plan on going prospecting in stream beds. At first, you can just use a single gold pan to look for gold in the stream bed. Once you find some gold, you can use a sluice box to speed up the process of collecting gold.

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