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Steve Carr Sales Representative

Steve Carr
Sales Representative

I was drawn to work for Kellyco because it was a great opportunity to combine my passion for sales with an interest in the pursuit for lost artifacts and treasure. I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan and I graduated from high school there where I was very involved in the tennis team and drama department. I went on to graduate with an A.A. from G.R. Community College, and a B.S. from Western Michigan University. While in high school I was steeped in Egyptology, and the discovery and excavation of the King Tutankhamen by Howard Carter. I also had the privilege to view the King Tut exhibit up close when it visited the Natural History Museum in Chicago. When at the Community College I toyed with archaeology for a time. But, like a lot of people, my imagination was really captured by Raiders of the Lost Ark and a certain adventurer by the name of Indiana Jones.

Steve Carr Sales Representative

It was my love of that movie, and many others, that helped bring me to Florida in the first place when I started managing for AMC Theaters in Sarasota. I saw my first detectorists there on my frequent trips to the beaches of Siesta and Lido Key. I asked a few questions of them and was fascinated, but it is too bad I didn’t know then what I know now. Since moving to Orlando I have had an active career in sales, tennis, and teaching

Next thing you know I became fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to make a living working for Kellyco. Now I have a chance to do treasure hunting of my own, and with equipment Indy never even dreamt of. The great perk of this job is I get to use all the detectors by just taking one off our Showroom wall for weekends and vacations. This enables me to do more varied forms of detecting, and at the same time allowing me to give more educated advice to the Customer. Helping people come into this fascinating hobby of adventure and discovery while working for such a professional, ever-growing, and family oriented company has been a very rewarding challenge.

Some Detector Opinions

White's MXT Review

The White’s MXT is a detector that has me constantly using the expression, "User-Friendly." To operate this machine you first turn it on by twisting the Gain or Sensitivity knob on the left of the control box. Then put it on the preset arrow as well as the Dual Control or Discrimination knob. This knob is used also as the Self Adjusting Threshold when in the prospecting mode. The third knob on the left side of the control box is your true threshold setting to establish the perfect, low, barely audible background hum while you hunt.

Then you simply have to flip two toggle switches to choose the kind of hunting you will be doing and your necessary ground balance. The switch on the right chooses your ground balance, primarily in Lock or Salt for beaches. Then flip the left toggle for your search mode whether it is coin/jewelry, relic or prospecting. Once you've flipped those two toggles into position and rotated the 3 knobs you can be "off and sweeping."

Now that you are hunting the display will give you plenty of helpful information. To help you understand what the detector is finding, it will spell out on the display possible identification of your target (.25, pull tab ring, screw cap, etc.) and give a corresponding VDI number ranging from -95 to +94. This information is indispensable for the "Discriminating Detectorist."

The display will change when you go into pinpoint mode. As your detector starts to sound and reads a target I.D. you'll pull a chrome trigger on the handle to switch into pinpoint. The MXT will make mor3e and more sound, of course, as you center the coil over the target. But this friendly machine will also tell you the depth of your target and give you "target blocks" that light up on a bar graph to indicate maximum pinpoint and the intensity of your reading. I have found, from multiple trials, that the center coil pinpointing and depth reading to be very accurate.

The display reads differently in the many modes of hunting. The previous paragraph described jewelry. The relic mode is similar but will generally also ready bullet, buckle or even button. The prospecting is altogether different and one of the highlights of this White’s machine. In prospecting, the display gives the percent of iron probability of your targets. This information, and the MXT's ability to register ground readings that show moving to or away from more mineralized ground, help even the seasoned gold prospector to make more informed decisions on where to begin successful digging.

My hunting with the MXT has been of the coin and jewelry variety at local parks. I have found the target I.D. to be quite accurate. The pull tabs were pull tabs and tennis ball can lids and the screw caps were screw caps. I found a dime and a quarter as advertised. I look forward to the next time I take the MXT out for I know I will not be wondering if I, or it, have missed anything. I strongly recommend the MXT, even as an introductory machine to inexperienced detectorists. Remember the phrase that applies to this detector: "User Friendly." In fact, as you use the MXT, it will be like your own best friend. It's reliable and trustworthy and it will give plenty of good advice for what you're getting yourself into.

Tesoro Sand Shark

The Tesoro Sand Shark is a Pulse Induction metal detector, and I must say that having tested it at the beach it is fine, "user-friendly" machine. I was surprised at how compact the box for it is, and upon opening I found out why, and that is because it is truly compact and lightweight for an underwater and completely submersible detector. It can be submerged up to 200 feet by the way. The detector was extremely simple to put together and the easy to read instructions made this a "snap". A nice thing that Tesoro includes in the box is some Silicone Tubes so you already have some of it to apply to the Battery Compartment O-Ring. The Instruction Manual was also very concise about how to set-up, test, and then operate the detector. Some manuals require a few reads before you understand just the best way to go about operating a machine and that is not the case with the Sand Shark.

Tesoro DeLeon

The DeLeon's Display Screen is its hallmark feature. Even though it has just 5 categories of identification it does give very detailed targeting through the many numbers given to correspond with any object being detected. Some of these are even described further in the Manual which is extremely helpful to a new user. The depth of an object is also indicated to the left on the Display Screen.

After having used the DeLeon in a local park I would say that it will be an easy detector to recommend to someone who is new to metal detecting and wants a well made machine that is easy to use. Its display gives a detectorist a lot to go on so that they will not be digging up a lot of trash. I liked the fact that the machine as a lot of Coil options and that it comes with a Coil Cover (Scuff Plate) already on its Coil. The DeLeon does not have a Pinpoint Mode, and I prefer a detector that does, but it was not difficult to center its coil over a target once familiar with its VCO sound. Look to get one of the SEF Butterfly DD Coils so you can get even more awesome depth with this unit

Customer Comments

Thank you Steve - I will not make any decisions until I stop by and chat with you. I always appreciate Kellyco's opinions. Everyone has always been more than helpful... especially you on this issue. I'll order the DVD online soon, and I will finish reading the one I have now, and get one of the two you mentioned. I always look forward to detecting and especially this year as I retire July 1st. Thanks and have a great year. I'm sure your weather is much better than our 4" of ice and 5" of snow coming in Sunday. :(
- Sincerely, Kent

Hey Steve - I received the detector and as usual you guys are the best, received on time and the customer service you guys have is second to none!!! In any case there was only the one item that wasn't in the package and you did say it would be on backorder. No rush in answering me, I'll probably be outside most of he rest of the day checking out the Gold Bug Pro anyways. I hope you, your family and all the employees of Kellyco have a wonderful Thanksgiving - Best wishes, Paul

Hey Steve - I purchased my Fisher F5 from Kellyco back in August based on your recommendation. I am very pleased with it and have had lots of fun using it. I have found it does have its limitations as far as salt water searching and since Guam has a lot of salt water I decided to look into underwater detectors like the Fisher 1280x or the Garrett Sea hunter. Based on the good info you gave me on my last purchase I would really appreciate your recommendation on a new underwater unit. I am not limiting my self to the two units I mentioned. Thanks again for all your help on my last purchase and I am looking forward to your new recommendations.- Best wishes, Ron

Movie Suggestions

Treasure Adventure Movies : Fool’s Gold, Into the Blue, Indiana Jones (all 4), Treasure of Sierra Madre, Romancing the Stone, Tomb Raider, Both National Treasure Movies, Count of Monte Cristo, King Solomon’s Mines (with Stewart Granger)

Pirate Movies : Captain Blood, Princess Bride, Pirates (with Walter Matthau), Yellowbeard, Blackbeard The Pirate (1952), Crimson Pirate Treasure Island (1934), Pirates of the Caribbean (all 4), Nate and Hayes

Egypt Themed : Any movie with a Mummy, Stargate, The Egyptian, Land of the Pharaohs, Dr. Phibes Rises Again, The 10 Commandments

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