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Gene Knight Director of Sales

Gene Knight
Domestic and International Sales

I have always been intrigued by the thought of treasure hunting. As a kid my older brother and I would wander the woods of my grandparent’s property in Margaretville, NY in the hopes of finding buried treasure. Some years later as a teenager in the early 80’s, growing up in the Hudson Valley my friends and I would search old abandoned properties along the Hudson River. We would look for possible treasures from the Colonial era. The area is steeped in history with some of the most memorable Revolutionary War events, with "Washington's Hill" marking the site of the review of the French and American troops at the conclusion of the hostilities. Upper Van Cortlandt Manor featured in the Benedict Arnold/Major John André treason plot, Lent's Cove proved a safe harbor for British forces, and one of the houses was a haven for the young Alexander Hamilton when he fell seriously ill in the service of his country. Washington definitely "slept here," in a number of locations. The only thing missing from the equation for me was a metal detector, which I regret to this day but that area was an awesome place to grow up.

As I became older and moved close to the treasure coast of Florida I was even more intrigued by what I learned was a treasure trove in the water. Now that I was older and able to afford a good metal detector I was on the hunt for Spanish treasure along the beach and have been at it ever since. With over 5000 shipwrecks estimated to have gone down my dreams of owning a salvage ship and diving wrecks is still on the bucket list.

One of the many perks that I have with working at Kellyco Metal Detectors is having access to the latest technology in treasure hunting. I have been fortunate to utilize some great units on my latest obsession, chasing the “as legend has it” type stories. I continue weekly to try to manipulate my wife and kids to at least humor me with my dreams of being a famous treasure hunter. For now until that happens I will just enjoy seeing my kids glued to the TV watching The Curse of Oak Island.

Favorite Metal Detectors

Gene Knight Director of Sales

I am a "dig everything up" kinda guy so I’m definitely a fan of Pulse Induction for hunting the saltwater beach (I live 6 miles off Flagler Beach). My favorite beach machine if you want to go deeper than everybody else is the Aquascan Aquapulse AQ1B with 10" Coil. That machine is a monster but you’re gonna have to dig up everything! I really like the Garrett ATX as well as the Sea Hunter. With VLF on the beach I use my Excal with the 10” coil and Anderson over under or my CTX-3030, love both those machines. The CTX-3030 is so versatile that I would have to say right now that’s my favorite machine of all.

I also have in my arsenal a Minelab 705 Dual Pack, Garrett AT Pro, Fisher F70, White's MXT All-Pro and the most recent one I picked up for my kids is the Coinmaster GT for them to mess around with on the beach. One of the best perks of working at Kellyco is the ability to take any machine on the showroom wall home for the weekend. This works out best for me because if I bring another one home (White's V3i) my wife will have me living with them and my Harley out in the garage.


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Phone: U.S. Toll-Free: 1-888-535-5926
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