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White's XVenture Metal Detector Accessories

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  • White's Go Detecting Kit 8028094 Image 1

    White's Go Detecting Kit

    Kit from White's Full of Helpful Treasure Hunting Tools and Accessories
    Sku: 960-8028094

    Was: $29.95

    On Sale: $22.99

  • White's Padded Gun-Style Carry Bag 6011205 Image 1

    White's Padded Carry Bag

    Carry your Metal Detector Without Taking it Apart. Plenty of Room for Accessories and Extra Search Coils
    Sku: 960-6011205
  • White's Black Deluxe Backpack 6011254 Image 1

    White's Black Deluxe Backpack

    Fits Most White’s Metal Detector Models
    Sku: 960-6011254
  • White's Spring Clip (All Models) 5002115 Image 1

    White's Spring Clip (All Models)

    Used to Line Up Holes in your Detector Shaft. Fits All Detector Models
    Sku: 960-5002115
  • White's Foam Arm Cuff Pad 5010189 Image 1

    White's Foam Arm Cuff Pad

    To be Used Along the Inside of your Arm Cuff to Provide Added Comfort During Long Treasure Hunts
    Sku: 960-5010189
  • White's Treasure Hunting Apron 6010024 Image 1

    White's Treasure Hunting Apron

    Made from a Canvas Material with White’s Logo on it. Has 2 Pockets, One for Trash and One for Treasure
    Sku: 960-6010024
  • White's Target Stick 6011130 Image 1

    White's Target Stick

    Plastic Strips have Common Samples Attached for Easy Bench Testing
    Sku: 960-6011130

    Out of stock

  • Anderson Rods Travel Regular Shaft (White's)

    Anderson Rods Travel Regular Shaft (White's)

    The shaft has also been designed with the user in mind. It is easy to install, simple to remove, and easily kept clean.

    Sku: 1429-0832T

    Out of stock

  • White's Treasure Hunting Kit 8028071 Image 1

    White's Treasure Hunting Kit

    Includes Various Tools and Accessories to Get Started with the Treasure Hunting Hobby
    Sku: 960-8028071

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