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White's TREASUREmaster Metal Detector Accessories

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  1. White's Bullseye TRX Waterproof Pinpointer shown on a white background

    White's Bullseye TRX Waterproof Pinpointer

    Sku: 960-8000343
    • Total Weight : 6.5 oz (184 grams)
    • Frequency : 12kHz Frequency
    • Warranty : 2-year warranty
    • Waterproof : Fully submersible to depths of 10 feet (IP68 Certification)
    • LED Light : Yes
    • Vibration : Yes
    • Automatic Power Off : Yes
    • Battery Type : 2-AA Batteries included or a single 9-volt battery (not included)
    • Battery Life : Up to 20 hours
    • Technology : Tracking, Auto Ground Balance
    • Included Accessories : Lanyard Loop: TRX and Holstern
    Learn More
  2. White's ProStar Headphones 8025323 Image 1

    White's ProStar Headphones

    Sku: 960-8025323
    Premium Headphone by White’s Specifically for White's Metal Detectors Learn More
  3. White's Star Lite FW Headphones 40120201 Image 1

    White's Star Lite FW Headphones

    Sku: 960-40120201
    Affordable and Lightweight Headphones with Padded Headband and Padded Swivel Ear Cups Learn More
  4. White's UltraLite Headphones 4012024 Image 1

    White's UltraLite Headphones

    Sku: 960-4012024
    Light, Comfortable and Collapsible Headphones. One Size Fits Most Learn More
  5. White's TDI Hi-Q Metal Detector in full length

    White's TDI Hi-Q Metal Detector

    Sku: 960-8000332HiQX
    • Total Weight : 3.5 lbs (1.59 kgs)
    • Frequency : Pulse Induction, Adjustable frequency
    • Warranty : 2-year limited warranty
    • Battery Type : 8 AA NiMH batteries
    • Battery Life : 6 hours
    • Audio : All metal audio: high/low tone
    • Search Coil : 8×12″ Dual Field High-Q search coil, 7.5” dual field concentric coil
    • Technology : Full-control ground balance filters out the iron mineralization of hot rocks, black sand and other tough ground
    • Origin : Made in the USA
    • Included Accessories : 8×12″ Dual Field High-Q Search Coil, 7.5” dual field concentric coil
    Learn More
  6. White's Padded Gun-Style Carry Bag 6011205 Image 1

    White's Padded Carry Bag

    Sku: 960-6011205
    Carry your Metal Detector Without Taking it Apart. Plenty of Room for Accessories and Extra Search Coils Learn More
  7. White's Signature Series Detector Bag 6011263 Image 1

    White's Signature Series Detector Bag

    Sku: 960-6011263
    Designed with Heavy-Duty Ballistic Nylon, Reinforced Seams, Padded Bottom and Large Zipper Pulls. Built for Years of Abuse Learn More
  8. White's Spring Clip (All Models) 5002115 Image 1

    White's Spring Clip (All Models)

    Sku: 960-5002115
    Used to Line Up Holes in your Detector Shaft. Fits All Detector Models Learn More
  9. White's Foam Arm Cuff Pad 5010189 Image 1

    White's Foam Arm Cuff Pad

    Sku: 960-5010189
    To be Used Along the Inside of your Arm Cuff to Provide Added Comfort During Long Treasure Hunts Learn More
  10. White's Lower Fiber Rod 50002421 Image 1

    White's Lower Fiber Rod (All Models)

    Sku: 960-50002421
    Recommended to Always Have as a Spare if the Original Lower Shaft Splits or Breaks. Compatible with All White's Models Learn More
  11. White's Tall Man Fiber Lower Rod (All Models) 50002423 Image 1

    White's Tall Man Lower Fiber Rod (All Models)

    Sku: 960-50002423
    Over 6 Feet Tall? Highly Recommended for Comfortable Searching. 10" Longer than Standard Size Learn More
  12. Anderson Rods Carbon Fiber Regular Shaft (White's)

    Anderson Rods Carbon Fiber Regular Shaft (White's)

    Sku: 1429-0832CF

    A different shaft may make a big difference in the comfort level and the ability to use the detector in spots where it is really going to offer a lot of value to the user and locate gold or other precious metals.

    Learn More

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