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White's, $20.00 - $99.99 White's Matrix M6 Metal Detector Accessories

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  1. White's ProStar Headphones 8025323 Image 1

    White's ProStar Headphones

    Sku: 960-8025323
    Premium Headphone by White’s Specifically for White's Metal Detectors Learn More
  2. White's UltraLite Headphones 4012024 Image 1

    White's UltraLite Headphones

    Sku: 960-4012024
    Light, Comfortable and Collapsible Headphones. One Size Fits Most Learn More
  3. White's Go Detecting Kit 8028094 Image 1

    White's Go Detecting Kit

    Sku: 960-8028094
    Kit from White's Full of Helpful Treasure Hunting Tools and Accessories Learn More
  4. White's Padded Gun-Style Carry Bag 6011205 Image 1

    White's Padded Carry Bag

    Sku: 960-6011205
    Carry your Metal Detector Without Taking it Apart. Plenty of Room for Accessories and Extra Search Coils Learn More

    Out of stock

  5. White's Signature Series Detector Bag 6011263 Image 1

    White's Signature Series Detector Bag

    Sku: 960-6011263
    Designed with Heavy-Duty Ballistic Nylon, Reinforced Seams, Padded Bottom and Large Zipper Pulls. Built for Years of Abuse Learn More
  6. White's 12V NiCad Battery 8025211 Image 1

    White's 12V NiCad Battery (509-0022 Charger)

    Sku: 960-8025211
    Battery Fits Several White's Models Learn More

    Out of stock

  7. White's 12V NiMH Rechargeable Battery 8025281 Image 1

    White's 12V NiMH Rechargeable Battery (Spectra V3)

    Sku: 960-8025281
    Replacement NiMH Rechargeable Battery Will Only Work with the Spectra V3 Chargers Learn More
  8. White's Heavy Duty 2200mAh Nimh Battery 8025321 Image 1

    White's Heavy Duty 2200mAh NiMH Battery

    Sku: 960-8025321
    Use with Several White's Metal Detectors Learn More
  9. White's 110V NiCad Charger 5090022 Image 1

    White's 110V NiCad Charger (DFX / XLT / MXT / MX5 / M6 / QXT / CL SL)

    Sku: 960-5090022
    Compatible with White’s DFX, XLT, MXT, MX5, M6, QXT and CL SL. Use with White's 960-8025211 and 960-8025288 Batteries Learn More

    Out of stock

  10. White's Treasure Hunting Kit 8028071 Image 1

    White's Treasure Hunting Kit

    Sku: 960-8028071
    Includes Various Tools and Accessories to Get Started with the Treasure Hunting Hobby Learn More

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