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White's TM 808 Specialty Metal Detector Accessories

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  1. White's Digmaster Digger

    Tear up tough terrain with White's Digmaster Digger. Serraded edges cut through grass and roots with ease. Includes holster. Learn More
    SKU: 601-0073

    Out of stock

  2. White's UltraLite Headphones

    White's UltraLite Headphones are lightweight, collapsible, and surround the ear so you can hear even the smallest targets. Learn More
    SKU: 401-2024

    In Stock 1

  3. White's Go Detecting Kit

    White's Go Detecting Kit has everything you need to get started. Basic tools to helpful info, it's a great resource for beginners. Learn More
    SKU: 802-8094 no reorder

    In Stock 7

  4. White's Signature Series Roll Top Backpack

    White's Signature Series Roll Top Backpack is heavy duty. Built for hours of rugged exploration, straps distribute weight evenly. Learn More
    SKU: 601-1262

    In Stock 7

  5. White's Signature Series Utility Pouch

    The White's Signature Series Utility Pouch has multiple pockets for treasure, trash, and accessories. Heavy duty. Learn More
    SKU: 601-1264

    In Stock 2

  6. White's Signature Series Detector Bag

    White's Signature Series Detecor Bag is made of ballistic nylon with reinforced seams to last you years of rigorous traveling. Learn More
    SKU: 601-1263

    In Stock 3

  7. White's Spring Clip (All Models)

    White's Spring Clips line up holes in your metal detector shaft. Grab a few spares for your bag. Learn More
    SKU: 500-2115

    In Stock 31

  8. White's 4 C-Cell Battery Holder (1983 Models to Current)

    Replace or backup your White's 4 C-Cell Battery holder for non-rechargeable batteries. This holder fits models 1983 to date. Learn More
    SKU: 802-7113-1

    In Stock 9

  9. White's Treasure Hunting Kit

    White's Treasure Hunting Kit provides you with the basic tools and information to help you get started hunting. Learn More
    SKU: 802-8075

    In Stock 8

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