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Brute Magnetics Brute Box 575 lb Magnet Fishing Bundle Accessories

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  • Anderson Rods 8' MagStik (Two Piece)

    Anderson Detector Shafts 8' MagStik (Two Piece)

    Looking for magnet fishing accessories? The exceptionally strong and lightweight Anderson Magstik is made of carbon fiber and comes with two 4’ rods. It’s ideal for most magnet fishing magnets that are roughly 3” in diameter with a pull weight of 600 lbs.

    Sku: 1429-0696
  • Brute Magnetics 3.54" Cone (880LB Magnet) - Yellow

    Brute Magnetics 3.54" Cone (880LB Magnet) - Yellow

    This is one of the premier options on the market, coming from Brute Box. It is made from an anti-snag plastic that will help everyone keep their line straight. It has been made from extremely durable polypropylene.

    Sku: 24-D90CONEY
  • Brute Magnetics Gloves for Magnet Fishing

    Brute Magnetics Gloves for Magnet Fishing

    Whether you’re magnet fishing or metal detecting, you need a good pair of gloves to protect your hands. These lightweight and snug Brute Magnetics gloves offer the protection you need. 

    Sku: 24-GLOVESXL

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