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Minelab 110V Wall Charger (Excalibur II) Accessories

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  1. Minelab NiMH Battery Pod Complete (Excalibur) 03110044 Image 1

    Minelab NiMH Battery Pod (Excalibur II)

    Sku: 237-03110044
    Submersible Rechargeable Battery Pod. Use with Minelab Excalibur II Learn More
  2. Minelab Alkaline Battery Pod (Excalibur II) 03110046 Image 1

    Minelab Alkaline Battery Pod (Excalibur II)

    Sku: 237-03110046
    Water-Resistant Battery Pod Holds 8 AA Batteries. Use with Minelab Excalibur II. Learn More
  3. Minelab Recharge Adapter 03120004 Image 1

    Minelab Recharge Adapter (Excalibur II)

    Sku: 237-03120004
    Wall Charging Battery System Cannot Operate Without This Adapter Learn More
  4. Anderson Rods Travel Long Shaft (Excalibur)

    Anderson Rods Travel Long Shaft (Excalibur)

    Sku: 1429-0811T

    This shaft is also easy to install and remove, providing an added benefit to those who elect to use this shaft.

    Learn More
  5. Anderson Rods Shaft Extension (Excalibur)

    Anderson Rods Shaft Extension (Excalibur)

    Sku: 1429-0814

    This shaft extension is easy to install, easy to use, and works with a wide range of metal detectors so that you can make your detector the length you need and the length you want and so that you can be sure your metal detector is going to be comfortable and easy for you to use.

    Learn More

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  6. RNB Innovations Lithium Polymer Battery with Charger (Excalibur II)

    RNB Innovations Lithium Polymer Battery with Charger (Excalibur II)

    Sku: 1582-RNBEX3000

    This lithium ion battery from RNB Innovations for the Minelab Excalibur delivers the power that you need.

    Learn More

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  7. Anderson Rods 12” Lower Rod (Minelab Excalibur)

    Anderson Rods 12" Fiberglass Lower Rod (Excalibur II)

    Sku: 1429-0701E

    This 12" lower shaft is a must-have for all treasure hunting fanatics if you use a Minelab Excalibur treasure hunting device.

    Learn More

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