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$0.00 - $49.99 Nokta Makro INVENIO Standard Pack Metal Detector Accessories

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  1. Nokta Makro Armrest (Invenio)

    Nokta Makro Armrest (Invenio)

    Sku: 1448-20000828

    Why would you need an armrest for treasure hunting? This small black gadget will make your life so much easier.

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  2. Nokta Makro IPTU Carrying Bag (Invenio)

    Nokta Makro IPTU Carrying Bag (Invenio)

    Sku: 1448-20000794

    This small, lightweight bag is designed to fit the sensor perfectly. As a result there is less chance that your valuable equipment is not damaged or destroyed while you are out in the field with it.

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  3. Nokta Makro Battery Compartment Cover (Invenio / Invenio Pro)

    Nokta Makro Battery Compartment Cover (Invenio / Invenio Pro)

    Sku: 1448-20000829

    The cover is designed to protect the battery from damage, and is a replacement for the cover that originally comes with the Invenio or Invenio Pro.

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  4. Nokta Makro Black Lower Shaft (Impact / Invenio)

    Nokta Makro Black Lower Shaft (Impact / Invenio)

    Sku: 1448-40000742

    This arm is easy to install and easy to use and can be used with a wide range of detectors.

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  5. Nokta Makro Car Charger (Invenio)

    Nokta Makro Car Charger (Invenio)

    Sku: 1448-15000023

    Whether you need to do a full charge or simply top off your metal detector battery, this Nokta car charger makes it simple.

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  6. Nokta Makro Bungee Cord (Invenio)

    Nokta Makro Bungee Cord (Invenio)

    Sku: 1448-20000762

    This bungee cord has been designed to reduce the weight on the arm, allowing the user to detect those hidden treasures in comfort.

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  7. Nokta Makro Protective Shaft Covers (Invenio)

    Nokta Makro Protective Shaft Covers (Invenio)

    Sku: 1448-20000827

    Nokta | Makro knows how much of a pain it is to buy all new equipment after it breaks down. One way to protect your gear is to purchase covers. Look no further than Protective Shaft Covers (Invenio).

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  8. Nokta Makro Screen Sunshade (Invenio)

    Nokta Makro Screen Sunshade (Invenio)

    Sku: 1448-20000802

    The shade is lightweight and won't interfere with the operation of the metal detector.

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