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Garrett 10 x 14" Mono Search Coil (Infinium LS) Accessories

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  1. Garrett Coil Hardware Set 2333300 Image 1

    Garrett Coil Hardware Set

    Sku: 14-2333300
    Includes 1 Bolt, 2 Semi-Firm Washers and 1 Square Tempered Nut (Will Work with All Garrett Models) Learn More
  2. Garrett 10x14" Coil Cover (Infinium LS / GTI Series / CX Series) 1606400 Image 1

    Garrett 10 x 14" Coil Cover (Infinium LS / GTI Series / Sea Hunter Mark II)

    Sku: 14-1606400
    Designed to Protect the 10x14" Search Coils of the Infinium LS, Sea Hunter Mark II and GTI Series of Metal Detectors from Garrett Learn More
  3. Anderson Rods Anderson 3/8" x 2" Coil Bolt Set 2003 Image 1

    Anderson Detector Shafts 3/8" x 2" Coil Bolt Set (Infinium LS / Sea Hunter Mark II)

    Sku: 1429-2003
    Buy Hardware to Have as a Back Up in Case of Wear. Compatible with Garrett Infinium LS and Sea Hunter Mark II Learn More

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