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  • Aquascan 8" Search Coil with 7 Foot Cable (AQ1B)

    AQ1Bs deliver the best performance on varying soil types when paired with this ultra-sensitive 8" Aquascan coil. Has a 7 ft cable for longer reach.
    SKU: AQ.3.001R
  • Aquascan 10" Search Coil with 7 Foot Cable (AQ1B)

    Striking a balance between deep and near surfaces search is easier with this lightweight, waterproof 10" Aquascan coil for AQ1B detectors: has a 7ft cable.
    SKU: AQ.3.002R
  • Aquascan 15" Search Coil (AQ1B)

    15", fully waterproof & submersible, you can hunt for large, deeply buried treasures with this Aquascan VLF coil for AQ1B detectors.
    SKU: AQ.3.003R
  • Aquascan Arm Saver

    The Aquascan Arm Saver lets your forearm to comfortably support 38cm Loop for long periods. It fits the AQ1B detectors.
    SKU: AQ4000
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