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  • Aquascan 39" Extending Handle (AQ1B)

    Adjustable from 60cm to 102cm (24” to 40”), this Aquascan extending handle for AQ1B machines gives you the long/short reach you desire.
    SKU: AQ.4.001
  • Aquascan 12" Diver Short Handle (AQ1B)

    Where compactness matters, you can trust this Aquascan 12" handle to exceed expectations. Its for 8" AQ3001; 10" AQ3002; and 15" AQ3003 coils.
    SKU: AQ.4.003
  • Aquascan Arm Saver

    The Aquascan Arm Saver lets your forearm to comfortably support 38cm Loop for long periods. It fits the AQ1B detectors.
    SKU: AQ4000
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