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Aquascan Aquapulse AQ1B Metal Detector Standard Diver Kit with 10" Submersible Coil Accessories

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  • Aquascan Arm Saver

    Aquascan Arm Saver

    There are three possible securing positions on the Aquascan Arm Saver so that you can select the one which is more comfortable for you and most suitable for the job you are carrying out

    Sku: 1323-AQ4000
  • Aquascan 39" Extending Handle (AQ1B) AQ4001 Image 1

    Aquascan 39" Extending Handle (AQ1B)

    Fully Adjustable from 24" - 40". Normally Used with 10" Search Coil
    Sku: 1323-AQ4001
  • Aquascan Diver Short 12" Handle (AQ1B) AQ4003 Image 1

    Aquascan 12" Diver Short Handle (AQ1B)

    Works with 8", 10" and 15" AQ1B Search Coils
    Sku: 1323-AQ4003

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