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Simmons Precision Master Rod III Metal Detector

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Based on Dowsing Rod Principals, PMR III can be Used to Search for a Variety of Metals or Minerals

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Simmons Precision Master Rod III Metal Detector
Based on Dowsing Rod Principals, PMR III can be Used to Search for a Variety of Metals or Minerals

The PMR III is the newest exceptionally designed treasure-hunting instrument. While based on dowsing rod principals it has been developed for the professional treasure hunter or prospector as well as the beginner. The PMR III contains the same power load ingredients of the PMR II in one tube, while the second tube is physically attached to this powerful combination ads a turbo booster. Thus our tests show that this is the fastest acting, greatest distance, and deepest seeking instrument available.

The purpose of the two adjacent power tubes is to keep the two power loads separate but working as one unit thereby capitalizing on this powerful combination of mineral crystals and radiant energy stimulant. User reports as well as our testing have led us to conclude that the PMR III is probably the most sensitive and effective dowsing instrument built with currently available technology.

The PMR III can be used to search for gold, silver, diamonds, paper money, lead, copper, mercury or any other metal or mineral. The PMR line of dowsing instruments are the only instruments that use a radiant energy mineral ore to stimulate the crystals in the power load. The PMR III is like a dream-come-true for the serious treasure hunter. If you hunt treasure on a serious basis the purchase of this instrument will be the best investment you ever make.

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