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Detector Pro Pistol Probe Metal Detector

Sku: 1219-25025
Retail: $299.00

Was: $169.99

On Sale: $144.49

6.5" Long and Includes a Belt Mounted Holster. Pre-Owned, Almost Brand New with Hardly Any Marks or Scratches.

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Detector Pro Pistol Probe
6.5" Long and Includes a Belt Mounted Holster. Pre-Owned, Almost Brand New with Hardly Any Marks or Scratches.

The Detector Pro Pistol Probe Pulse Pinpointer features a deep seeking circuitry powered by two 9V batteries. The momentary on-off power button allows for ease of access and battery conservation. With protected control settings and two preset audio levels, taking control of your treasure find could not be simpler. This probe also features dual LED visual indicators and a selectable silent LED only operation. It is 6.5" long and includes a belt mounted holster.

  • Includes : As Factory Shipped
  • Warranty : Factory Warranty Included

Detector Pro Pistol Probe


  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Low Battery Alert
  • 6.5" Probe Barrel Length
  • Dual LED Visual Indicators
  • Protected Control Settings
  • Belt Mounted Holster (Included)
  • Balanced Comfortable Grip Shape
  • Selectable Silent LED Only Operation
  • Two Preset Piezo Audio Volume Levels
  • Deep Seeking Pulse Circuitry Powered by (2) 9V Batteries (Not Included)
  • Momentary On / Off Power Push-button Switch for Battery Conservation

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Flimsy Construction and Inconvenient

Review by Joe L on February 02, 2015

I only gave it 2 stars because it does pinpoint and it's easy on batteries (2)-9V. Otherwise, the overall construction left a lot to be desired. The battery door popped off in the field with a broken hinge pin on one end and a stripped screw on the other. I was trying to tape it back on again after replacing batteries and the probe shaft snapped off. It is thin plastic and was only glued on one edge. Even set on high volume it isn't loud enough to be easily heard by older ears. It's speaker will be covered if you use it in your left hand and then it can't be heard at all. It's butt-heavy and the swivel mini-holster won't hold it securely, so it tends to fall out if you don't pay attention to keeping it vertical. I didn't get to use it much until after the warranty ran out so there was no recourse (my fault). An Internet friend had raved about how much he liked his when my old Tinytec Deluxe died so I paid the higher price, but my next pinpointer will be a Garrett for sure.

Pistol Probe

Review by Doug M on August 08, 2014

The Pistol Probe would work great if it would vibrate? So I put vibrate in mine now it works. I can show you how to do it contact me at [email protected]

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