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Pirate The Black Pearl Metal Detector


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$39.90 in Free Accessories
with 11" DD Search Coil Plus FREE Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting Accessories.

Pirate The Black Pearl Metal Detector
with 11" DD Search Coil Plus FREE Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting Accessories.

PIRATE THE BLACK PEARL is the new modern professional frequency metal detector selectable, designed to work on all types of land, including highly mineralized soils, soils with a high content of minerals and highly contaminated sites. It has perfect depth and discrimination and is characterized by high quality, easy configuration for the user and needs minimal maintenance. This makes it ideal for both beginners and professionals for its characteristics.

With PIRATE THE BLACK PEARL you have a new generation of metal detectors, new plate, new design, very high performance.


  • Gold Mode : to Search for Gold
  • Filter : to Eliminate Interference
  • Operating Frequency : 3 - 28 kHz
  • Principle of the Metal Detector : VLF
  • Coil Profiles : Three Profiles for Coils
  • Balance of the Soil : Auto and Manual
  • Target Signal Level : Visual and Audio
  • Indicators : Supply Voltage, Number of VDI
  • Masks : the Ability to Cut Unwanted Metals
  • Coin Detection Depth (with coil 11" DD) : 17"
  • Power Supply of Metal Detector : 6 -15 Volts
  • Backlight Screen : with Brightness Adjustment
  • Audio Indication : 2 or 4 Tones, with Adjustable Volume
Factory Included Accessories:
  • Coil Protector
  • Arm Rest Strap
  • DD 28cm (11") Coil

Additional Information

Manufacturer Pirate

Instruction Manuals

SKU 2028-01BP11
Product Dimensions 24.00x12.00x7.75
Hot Deal No
Manufacturer SKU 01BP11
Product Type Metal Detectors
Best for Beach, Beginner, Coin, Relic
Factory Included Accessories
  • Coil Protector
  • Arm Rest Strap
  • DD 28cm (11") Coil
Warranty Yes
Detector Type All-Terrain
Interchangeable Search Coil Yes
Technology VLF Single Frequency
Arm Rest Adjustable
Arm Rest Strap Yes
Adjustable Shaft Yes
Apps None
Audio Tones Yes
Depth Indication Yes
Control Box Mount Standard
Frequencies 3 to 28 kHz
Programmable Target Id Yes
Target Id Segments 0-99
Target Id Yes
Threshold Adjustable
Discrimination Adjustable
Pinpoint Mode Yes
Ground Balance Automatic, Manual
Vibration Mode No
Search Modes 2
Search Mode Types Gold, Pinpoint
Search Flashlight No
Display Type LCD
Backlit Display Yes
Volume Control Yes
Headphone Jack 1/4"
Bluetooth Compatible No
Interchangeable Headphones No
Battery Type AA
Battery Quantity 10
Battery Life (hr) 25-30
Rechargeable System No
Exclusive Features Gold Mode,Backlight Screen,2 or 4 Audio Tones,45 cm Coin Detection Depth,Operating frequency from 3 to 28 kHz
Included Free Accessories - Sku: 64-KITB - Total Value: $39.90
Customer Reviews

Average Rating

5.0 average of 2 reviews

Should be more popular

Review by Brian on October 18, 2018

It is hard to find reviews on the pirate. I agree with the previous reviewer. This is a solid machine for the price. You will want to read the manual a few times to get the control functions down. It has a lot of features and is very adjustable, even the tones can be adjusted higher and lower. It has performed very well for me so far and I have found some deep targets in only my first few outings.

2 month review - Very Impressed

Review by Doug on July 26, 2018

This is only based on the first 2 months of using The Black Pearl. It will take time to get used to it and all that it is capable of .
The Black Pearl takes those small foil items and small items, that on my other detector reads under 10 VDI, and puts them in the 30 - 40 range.
It really grabs hold of the small objects that are hard to detect and really makes them loud and clear.
First day out I hit a park. 3rd hit and item I dug was a very small gold ring. The only gold I've dug so far with The Black Pearl.. The VDI was a 48. On my other detector it showed at an 8 VDI. And it was a strong signal leaving me very impressed how this detector takes small objects and makes them very noticeable.
I have found objects at 12 inches easily.
I have pulled a penny from between two pieces of trash. More than once.
Refresh rate is very fast. Great for trashy areas.
Spot on Pinpointing.
The pinpoint feature has been very accurate. But with the fast refresh rate the pinpoint feature isn't needed most of the time.
When you are over a target, a basic cross pattern will do the job.
This has high end features for a mid range budget.
I will give another at the 6 month mark.

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