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Okm Metal Detectors & Accessories

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  • OKM Evolution NTX Metal Detector

    • Technology: 3D Deep Ground Scanner with Advanced Metal Detection Technology, Functionality, Ergonomics and Futuristic Design.
    • Touchscreen: Integrated color touchscreen with higher resolution
    • Searchcoil: Improved sensor and coil technology
    • Batteries: New, long-lasting and rechargeable batteries
    • Audio: Bluetooth headphones included
    Sku: 1158-3275
  • OKM Fusion Professional with Tablet PC

    • Audio: Bluetooth headphones
    • Technology: Wireless data transfer via Preconfigured Tablet-PC; Data visualization with Visualizer 3D software
    • Search Coil: New SRIS search coil for small shallow metal targets
    • Housing: Well packed in a waterproof and shock resistant Pelican case
    • Uses: Jewlery, Coins, Gold Objects, Archaeology Artifacts
    Sku: 1158-3650
  • OKM GeoSeeker Mini Water and Cavity Detector

    • Effective Range (differential) : -1400 to +1400 mV
    • Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty Included
    • Display : 3.5” Resistive touch, 480 x 320 Pixel
    • Data Sampling Rate : 4096 Hz (64 times oversampling of a 512 samples mean value)
    • Dimensions (H x W x D) : 410 x 340 x 180 mm
    • Detects: Caves, Tunnels, Galleries and Manholes, Chambers, Sepulchers, Tombs, Bunkers, Vaults, Cellars, Rooms
    Sku: 1158-3026
  • OKM GeoSeeker Water and Cavefinder

    • Warranty : 2 Year Limited
    • Total Weight : 4.6 lbs (2.1 kgs)
    • Input (Charger) : 12 VDC, 1.5 A
    • Graphics : 3D Graphics of Underground Resistance
    • Data Sampling Rate : 4096 Hz (64 times oversampling of a 512 samples mean value)
    • Uses: Powerful Water and Cavefinder
    Sku: 1158-3025
  • OKM Black Hawk R3 Complete Kit Metal Detector shown with accessories from Kellyco Metal Detectors

    OKM Black Hawk R3 Complete Kit Metal Detector

    • Battery: Optional 12 V Car Charger to Charge While on the Go
    • Audio: Wireless Stereo Headphones for Silent Metal Detection
    • Features: New Coil Design for Better and Deeper Detection Depth, New Pinpointing Features to Help in Locating any Target
    • Nighttime Use: Search at Night with a Built in LED Lamp and Adjustable Backlit Display
    • Technology: Redesigned User-Friendly Software that Makes Setup and Turning Fast and Easy
    • Uses: Find Very Small Targets like Nuggets, Coins or Jewelry with the Optional 6" (16 cm) Search Coil
    • Search Coil 5' x 5' Deep Search Coil Allows for Detection up to 26' (8 m) of Buried Metal Objects and Treasures
    • Includes: 14", 6" and 5' x 5' Search Coil‌s and a Powerful 600 MHz Processor
    Sku: 1158-6000CK

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